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Selemix is part of the PPG group and specialise in spray applied coatings and surface protection for a large variety of items form light industrial to heavy plant and agricultural equipment. Selemix produce an extensive range of products which conform to ISO 12944 quality system specialising in light industrial equipment. ISO 12944 was published in 1998 as both a European and International standard and it is the highest worldwide and qualified standard reference for effective corrosion protection of steel structures. It covers protective paint systems designed for application to uncoated steel, hot-dip-galvanized steel and steel surfaces with thermally sprayed zinc coatings.

These painting systems can be used to protect a large range of steel items in environments rated from C3 – C5m offshore marine. Selemix also produce a range of direct to steel topcoats which offer a good level of protection for agricultural and plant equipment. This direct application top coat can also be applied direct to glass with the addition of the Selemix glass adhesion additive. This painting system can be used to create high end and unique glass splash backs and centre pieces.


The Selemix direct range 7-536/37 topcoats can be applied direct to glass with the addition of the Selemix 6-585 glass additive. This paint system can be used to create unique and bespoke glass splashbacks, glass worktops, glass wall panels for shops, wet rooms, bathrooms plus many more. It will produce a durable easy to clean hygienic surface, also painted glass has an excellent level of durability so is perfect as a protective coating in high traffic areas such as airport, bars, shopping centres, shop countertops etc. the total system would consist of firstly prepare the glass by cleaning with a solvent to ensure it is free for any dirt, lose particles or contamination. Then the 7-536/37 will need to be combined with 9-070 hardener at a general ratio of 4 to 1, then 4 to 0.5 with 6-585 glass additive. Then once all combined the paint will require thinning to allow it to be applied via spray equipment, this is combine with Selemix 1-480 at a general ratio of 4 to 0.5. Then simply apply 2 to 3 coat and allow to cure.

Selemix specialise in the coating and protection of light industrial equipment. They have a vast range of ISO 12944 approved coating system which can be applied to vast range of substrates in environment rated from C3 to C5M. The most widely used Selemix paint system would be the Selemix Direct Range of 7-53x topcoats. This range of 2 pack polyurethane can be applied directly onto suitable prepared old paint finishes, GRP, Galvanised steel, bare steel, aluminium plus more. It is possible to apply in a single layer up to a 300micron wet film thickness as it has excellent sag resistance. It can be tinted to most RAL, BS & NCS colour codes in gloss levels from 10% to 70%. Selemix Direct has a theoretical coverage of 4m2 per litre per coat and is suitable for use with airless, air-assisted airless, conventional, HVLP spray equipment or can also be applied via a solvent resistant roller in small areas. This paint system is ideal for coating and protecting items such as excavators, dumpers, earthmovers, agricultural equipment, tractors, combine harvesters, garage doors, roller shutter doors, cars, trucks, railings, architectural metal work, workshop machinery plus many more.