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As a UK appointed distributor of PPG Paints and Coatings, Promain supply a comprehensive range of products to suit our clients requirements. We have the ability to specify products for a variety of industrial applications, where all products have been vigorously tested to ensure maximum adhesion and durability. Choosing the correct paint coating for industrial environments is extremely important and thanks to the solid working relationships Promain have with PPG, we have the ability to specify all coatings, depending on your individual needs. Should you require corrosion protection, marine coatings, rail industry coatings or coatings for highways and bridges, contact Promain Paints today and we can specify the exact coating or combination to suit your requirements. We also have the ability to specify intumescent steel protection offering from 30 minutes up to 2 hours protection, using a range of PPG products.

You may not have heard of PPG but they are, quietly, all around us. PPG produce OEM paints, as well as coatings for the marine, petrochemical, power, public transportation, automotive, aviation and architectural sectors on a global scale. PPG have the knowledge, experience, resources and expertise to provide you with the reliability and reassurance, you need to protect your assets. PPG Paints are manufactured to serve the true professional, supporting a wide range of trades. Project managers, architects, designers, spec writers, facility managers and property owners can all benefit from the professional coating range manufactured by PPG. For a long time now PPG has been developing cutting edge technologies which achieve the highest quality standards and exceed customers expectations. Since first being founded in 1883, PPG has focused attentions on delivering innovation and quality to our customers every day. In 2014 net sales totalled $15.4 billion (around £10.4 Billion), which was an 8% increase on the previous year. These record results further strengthened PPG's position as the world's leading and largest coatings company.

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The use of structural steel as a design feature of bridges, airports, public buildings and high rise offices has increased dramatically over the last few decades. PPG Sigma corrosion resistant coatings ensure your beautifully architecturally designed buildings stay looking at their best for longer. From high performance primers such as PPG SigmaCover 280 and PPG SigmaZinc 109HS, to long term protection coming from products like PPG SigmaCover 456, PPG SigmaCover 2 and SigmaShield 400, corrosion will not be your concern for a very long time. Providing a highly decorative, UV stable, graffiti resistant finish, the use of PPG SigmaDur 550 and PPG SigmaDur 1800 is the icing on the cake.

Efficiency, corrosion protection, low maintenance and easy application are values and qualities that are highly sought after from ship owners, ship builders and maintenance crews in shipyards the world over for their marine paints and coatings. Whether you are building a new vessel or sub-sea structure, PPG Sigma Protective and Marine Coatings are your perfect partner, producing products that protect your valuable marine assets, even to the stringent industry leading Norwegian NORSOK M-501 standards and systems of 1 through to 9. High performance antifouling coatings for the hull of your ship such as PPG SigmaGlide and PPG Sigma Ecofleet. Chemical resistant tank lining coatings and cargo holds like PPG Sigma PhenGuard 930-935-940 and Corrosion protection with PPG SigmaShield 880 that also offers benefits such as high abrasion resistance, fast drying, surface tolerance and easy application, are just a small selection of paints and coatings that PPG Sigma produce for your marine assets.

Although the Highways Agency operated motorways and roads only account for 2.4% of England’s roads, it carries a third of all national traffic, and it is central governments single most valuable asset worth over £110 billion. To protect their bridges, gantry’s, and light columns, the Highways Agency have devised a set of standards and codes for corrosive protection coatings, known as “HA Item Numbers”. PPG Sigma Coatings have many products with registered HA Item Numbers including: Sigma EP110 (Item No. 110), a Two pack zinc phosphate, epoxy blast primer / sealer; Sigma EP112 (Item No. 112), a Two pack MIO recoatable epoxy coating; Sigma Cover 456 HS (Item No. 116), a Two pack high solids zinc phosphate epoxy primer/coating; SigmaDur 550 (Item No. 168), a Two pack aliphatic acrylic polyurethane finish; PSX 700 (Item No. 185), a Two pack engineered siloxane coating. Please contact us for a full list of HA approved paints and coatings from PPG Sigma.

Network Rail has one of the UK’s largest asset portfolio’s, including, 30,000 bridges and tunnels, 20,000 miles of track and 2500 stations, and naturally, corrosion protection of their assets is one of their primary concerns. As part of their commitment to protect their infrastructure assets, Network Rail have devised a set of stringent standards incorporating high performance corrosion protection and decorative coatings. PPG Sigma coatings comply with many of these standards including those for new and existing infrastructure such as PPG SigmaCover 280 and PPG SigmaDur 550 that meet N9 Specification requirements for new structures with only 150 microns of paint.

Recognised as a market leader in the development of intumescent coatings formulated to protect steel and concrete structures, PPG Sigma have a deserved reputation for producing high quality and reliable fire protective paints. PPG Sigma SteelGuard Fire Protective coatings are independently certified and have countless of international approvals including EN13381-4, BS476 parts 20 & 21 and AS 1530:4. Combining intumescent coatings such as PPG Sigma SteelGuard 581 for up to 60 minutes protection for internal use, and PPG Sigma SteelGuard 564 for up to 120 minutes protection for external use, with their high performance primers and flame retardant topcoats like SteelGuard 2458 or Sigma AquaCover 45, PPG Sigma produce the complete high quality system.