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Keim provide an excellent range of mineral and silicate wall coatings for exterior and interior use. Their coatings have been proven to last for decades on the most prestigious of buildings including London’s o2 Arena Millenium Dome, or the Royal Opera House, London. Used extensively worldwide, the system was formulated to reflect the lime fresco finishes of the day but provide protection from harsh weather conditions. Water based silicate binders, inorganic fillers and pigments sourced from natural pigments provide a micro-crystalline structure when applied on to a mineral substrate. This provides superior weather protection and excellent micro-porosity.

Keim Mineral Paints are natural, water-borne, liquid silicate paints which produce an extremely durable, colourfast, sustainable protective finish with high vapour permeability, which work in harmony with the environment.

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Keim Optil is an exceptional sol-silicate paint specially created for high-end interior decoration, providing strong, consistent light-stable colours. Suitable for application on to any mineral substrate allowing vapour permeability, Keim Optil provides application on to existing paint coatings with excellent coverage.

Keim Ecosil-ME is an environmentally sound, high performing, interior mineral paint, improving air quality, by use of the MiNox™ effect. Photo-catalytic pigments reduce unwanted odours by converting them into natural substances. Ecosil-ME has been created to provide an environmentally sound paint for interior use and benefits by being water borne, VOC free, odourless, and microporous make this ideal for interior walls, excellent for people with allergies, and respiratory issues.

With excellent weather protection whilst remaining breathable the modern choice Keim Soldalit retains a brighter colour and stable appearance for years beyond that of most commonly used masonry paints.

For harsh climate and coastal environments, The Keim Royalan solution offers superior weather protection whilst achieving up to 96% breathability which is critical for historic buildings not constructed to modern standards.

The Keim Granital system is often used in place of lime wash as its excellent breathability in a wide range of colours for an unrivalled decorative exterior matt finish.