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As one of the largest UK appointed distributors for Sherwin-Williams Protective and Marine Coatings, Promain are proud to be able to offer the complete portfolio of marine and industrial coatings suitable for our industrial clients requirements. Sherwin-Williams includes a broad range of intumescent coatings, floor paints, tank and pipe linings, anti-slip deck coatings for marine use and corrosion protection products. Promain also supply Sherwin-Williams products reaching the high standards required for London Underground, RT98 Railtrack and Ministry of Defence specifications.
Over the years, Sherwin-Williams have acquired high end brands such as UK based Leighs Paints, and more recently Valspar. As a world leader in the manufacture and formulation of industrial paints and coatings, Sherwin-Williams bring the technical knowledge and cutting edge chemical formulations to the marketplace. Promain’s technical team have in depth knowledge of Sherwin-Williams products and are ready to answer your questions, from specification through to application.

Sherwin Williams EMEA Protective and Marine manufactures industry leading products including Firetex FX6000, the first intumescent coating to dry in just one hour, and the award winning Dura-Plate 301W, the only primer which combines surface, temperature and humidity tolerance in one product.
Sherwin Williams have an incredible track record of being specified for numerous prestigious jobs worldwide. Closer to home, Sherwin Williams paints and coatings can be found in various London Underground stations, metalwork such as the Forth Rail Bridge, Heathrow Airport Terminal 5, St Pancras Rail Station, The Shard and Wimbledon Stadium.
With headquarters based in Ohio, USA, Sherwin-Williams UK base is located in Bolton, Greater Manchester. Specialising in branded architectural paints and coatings, industrial and marine products, the Sherwin-Williams portfolio brings powerful formulations to Promain’s catalogue.

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Sherwin Williams Pipeline

The use of structural steel as a design feature of bridges, airports, public buildings and high rise offices has increased dramatically over the last few decades as population grows. Sherwin Williams corrosion resistant coatings ensure your beautifully architecturally designed buildings stay looking at their best for longer at their optimum quality.
From high performance primers such as the Zinc Clad range, to long term protection coming from products like Dura-Plate 301S, MIO products such as Macropoxy M902 corrosion will not be your concern for many years to come.
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Network Rail has one of the UK’s largest asset portfolio’s, including 30,000 bridges and tunnels, 20,000 miles of track and 2500 stations. Naturally, protection against corrosion and durability of their assets is one of the industries primary concerns. To regulate their maintenance, Network Rail have strict rulings to ensure a standard across the board. Sherwin-Williams provide a range of coatings that comply with many of these standards including MIO surface tolerant products such as Macropoxy M902 or low temperature curing products such as Dura-Plate 301W.
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Paint is often disregarded when pitted against high end weapon systems or propulsion when it comes to military distribution of funding. Yet paint is the only material preventing the UK’s multi-million pound defence assets rapidly corroding from the outside in and the inside out. Paint also helps store drinking water, allows helicopters to land safely on the flight deck, prevents marine fouling from reducing endurance whilst improving speed and can make a ship look fit to fight and impress.
Sherwin Williams are one of the only companies with the reliability and durability to be specified for the MoD and Promain are proud to distribute them.
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When it comes to tank and pipe linings, Sherwin Williams offer a wide range of products for a multitude of applications. Whether you require a coating for potable water in tanks or towers, or inner linings for gasoline, petrol or diesel tanks, Promain can provide the appropriate Sherwin-Williams product for all applications. Promain’s Sherwin-Williams portfolio include low temperature curing, rapid return to service, and products suitable for a wide range of environments from C1 to C5M.
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As one of the market leaders of the manufacture of intumescent fire protection, Sherwin-Williams have a huge range of reputable coatings, scrim cloths, and fillers for protection from cellulosic and hydrocarbon fires.
Sherwin-Williams Firetex range have been applied in offshore applications such as oil rigs and wind farms, as well as Ministry of Defence applications such as their head office. With products such as Firetex FX6000 which is the first intumescent coating to dry in just one hour, Promain can provide the highest certified coatings for structural steel use.
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Sherwin-Williams main product line alongside their intumescent products is their marine coatings portfolio. Designed for extreme environments, Sherwin-Williams products are specified for offshore structures such as wind farms, oil platforms as well as ships, used on submerged tanks, pipelines, decks and superstructures.
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