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Our fire solutions can offer Class 1 and Class 0 protection or 30mins up to 2 hours of protection depending on substrate, environment and the product used.

Water based or solvent based products are available and these will be specified dependant on the customers requirements. Self certification is available subject to a written specification being produced by a member of the fire team at Promain.

Fire Solutions

Timber as naturally beautiful construction material has its downfall by it being flammable. Promain endeavour to provide the most suitable intumescent coatings on the market, be it clear or coloured to ensure you can meet regulations without compromising aesthetics. Our fire coatings provide a protective layer which controls the spread of the flame by insulating the wood from heat and starving it from oxygen. To protect the intumescent coating which by its nature has to be soft in order to protect the timber in the event of a fire, a clear or coloured intumescent sealer will be required. If you require an intumescent coating for interior timber woodwork to meet Class 0 and Class 1 spread of flame, please consult our technical team.

Paint which meets British Standards 476 part 6&7 are required on walls and ceilings in communal areas such as corridors and fire escape routes, where for example there is multiple occupancy in the home or office building.

Products tested to Class '1' prevent the surface spread of flame (generally required in all rooms). Additionally, Class '0' products have been tested to ensure they do not add to the heat or intensity of the fire (usually required for routes to safety).

We have products readily available that meet these requirements from a number of manufacturers in either a solid colour or clear finish

Most commercial buildings need to offer a minimum of one hour protection against fire. Where structural steels are to remain exposed within a building, the building control officer will often request that these steels are protected for a period of time from fire in order to prevent structural failure when the steels become too hot. This provides a known period of time during which the fire brigade can access the building with the knowledge that the structural integrity will not fail.

There are a number of factors that determine the minutes required such as the proximity to the local fire station, the use of the building whether it is commercial use or residential and the occupancy. There are various solutions to this problem which include boxing in with fire board and sprinkler systems, but a popular and cost effective method is the passive fire protection that intumescent paint offers. We offer a selection of intumescent paints from different manufacturers and we provide full support and advice whilst seeking the most cost effective solution for you.

Network Rail has one of the UK’s largest asset portfolio’s, including, 30,000 bridges and tunnels, 20,000 miles of track and 2500 stations, and naturally, corrosion protection of their assets is one of their primary concerns. As part of their commitment to protect their infrastructure assets, Network Rail have devised a set of stringent standards incorporating high performance corrosion protection and decorative coatings. PPG Sigma coatings comply with many of these standards including those for new and existing infrastructure such as PPG SigmaCover 280 and PPG SigmaDur 550 that meet N9 Specification requirements for new structures with only 150 microns of paint.

Recognised as a market leader in the development of intumescent coatings formulated to protect steel and concrete structures, PPG Sigma have a deserved reputation for producing high quality and reliable fire protective paints. PPG Sigma SteelGuard Fire Protective coatings are independently certified and have countless of international approvals including EN13381-4, BS476 parts 20 & 21 and AS 1530:4. Combining intumescent coatings such as PPG Sigma SteelGuard 581 for up to 60 minutes protection for internal use, and PPG Sigma SteelGuard 564 for up to 120 minutes protection for external use, with their high performance primers and flame retardant topcoats like SteelGuard 2458 or Sigma AquaCover 45, PPG Sigma produce the complete high quality system.