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Promain distribute various solutions for cleaning in industrial environments. For internal environments we can provide ATEX Zone 22 vacuum systems for the removal of hazardous dusts from industrial cleaning manufacturer SkyVac. Externally, SkyVac also produce commercial gutter cleaners and driveway washers. Promain also distribute cleaning systems for delicate surfaces such as historical facades by manufacturer Remmers.

If you require an industrial cleaning solution for your premises, contact our technical team on 01462 421333.

Our technical team are fully trained on all industrial cleaning solutions from industry leaders SkyVac, Remmers, Centrecoat and more.

Industrial Cleaners

With over 50 years of combined experience providing cleaning solutions to the commercial sector, SkyVac originally offered patio and driveway cleaning machines. Under the brand name Spinaclean they have built a global reputation for producing the most robust and reliable patio and driveway cleaning systems.

Promain and SkyVac have helped thousands of individuals start their own businesses. Many people have used SkyVac cleaning machines to enhance their existing businesses. SkyVac also produce vacuuming units suitable for the cleaning of ATEX Zone 22 Hazardous Areas.

Remmers provide innovative products for the cleaning of dust, soot, nicotine residue and other soiling on interior walls, ceilings, floors, stucco, natural stone, marble, concrete, brick, render, gypsum sculptures, polished wood, synthetic materials, etc. Remmers innovative Arte Mundir waterless cleaning agent is a sprayable product that is peeled off to remove all contamination.

If you would require specification and supply of industrial cleaners from Remmers contact our techical team on 01462 421333.

Centrecoat produce a wide range of proven quality cleaners or restorers for specific substrates. Promain distribute Centrecoat wooden decking cleaners, graffiti removers, roof cleaners and rust removers. Promain also distribute Centrecoat's high quality R104 Strong Adhesive Remover and Paint Stripper - an effective paint remover as strong as ones produced in the past!

Internally, Centrecoat have their Hard Surface and Worktop Countertop Cleaner.