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At Promain we pride ourselves on forward thinking. When IOBAC was introduced to us as a distributor we were quick to realise its potential as a technological advancement to traditional flooring. Using a system of magnetic coatings as a resin on the floor and a skin that can be applied to laminate, vinyl or other temporary surfaces, this system opens a world of possibilities in the commercial market.

If you have ever needed a logo or offer displayed on your commercial flooring? Whether the site is an exhibition workspace, stadia, car garage, supermarket or showroom, the IOBAC system can bring a fast return to surface alternative to messy floor stickers or awkward light projections.

Iobac Flooring Solution

Decreasing lifetime costs of flooring with a fast return to surface, IOBAC magnetic flooring brings advertising revenues literally to your customers feet saving vital wall space. Coping with floods, spills or general evitable damage, this surface ensures reduced maintenance budgets by simply swapping out any damaged areas with a replacement.

With many prestigious clients such as Asda, Sainsbury’s, Hilton Group and Disney, IOBAC allows the flexibility and innovation required in a rapid changing environment. With a reduced programme time which saves your clients time and money in both the short and long term, this floor coating will also satisfy your customers’ environmental values.

Fast Installation & Quick Return to Service
Labour costs during initial install and modification significantly less than alternatives
Low VOC resin
Top surface can be recycled by sending back to manufacturer
Magnetic field doesn’t effect devices, equipment or humans.
Fast replacement to damaged surfaces when necessary

With the IOBAC resin taking on average 1 hour to cure, turnaround time is at minimum when initially coating compared to more basic systems.
Without the need of an adhesive layer, adhesion is made via magnetism between the paramagnetic resin and the magnetised top surface. The IOBAC system can be installed direct to timber, terrazzo, laminate, plywood and vinyl massively reducing.