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Offering a wide range of building products from the foundation to the roof, Sika produce a comprehensive range of solutions for the maintenance, protection and waterproofing of your premises.

Concrete repair and additive mixtures make possible the effective construction of basement and swimming pools with their range of materials.

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The Sikafloor range of products and systems can be adapted to give the required finish depending on the quality of the substrate and the intended use. Self-levelling primers and fillers are a great way to address imperfections before the top coats are applied. If required, an anti-slip finish can be achieved by adopting the broadcast system.

Areas requiring hygiene control such as the food industry, vets and the National Health Service are catered for by the Sterisheen products which may incorporate re-enforcing mesh in order to prevent bacteria harbouring cracks or gaps appearing in the surface. With the introduction of silver – ion technology in the paints and coatings, Sika make infection control highly effective.

Flexible, durable and re-enforced wall and ceiling systems for areas of high humidity and elevated temperatures are often specified, and can be provided by the Sika coating systems. Whether it is for a new build or the renovation of swimming pool halls, saunas, commercial kitchens and hospitals, these coatings are available in a wide range of colours and a selection of finishes.