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The corrosion of steel occurs when left unprotected an exposed to the elements. This corrosion or ‘’rust’’ is the result of chemical process known as oxidisation. The chemical process involves the movement of electrons from the metal to the oxygen molecules. Then, negative oxygen ions generate and enter the metal. This leads to the creation of an oxide surface. The oxidisation or rust is more than just a cosmetic issue it can lead to the steel losing its structural strength and ultimately failing with dangerous consequences.

Appling a corrosion resistant coating will stop this process occurring and increase the steels longevity greatly. Promain has a vast range of anti-corrosion coatings for many demanding environments including C5M rated to high temperature exposures. It is important to protected steel as soon as possible as even been left stored corrosion can occur. Equally old coating old coting should be regularly inspected for defects as leaving break in the paint film can be a weak point for the ingress of moisture and air.

PPG Pipeline

Potable water or drinking water is water that is safe to drink or safe for use in food preparation. Is important that any coating that is specified for contact with potable water has a WRAS approval from the water regulation advisory scheme. Having a WRAS approval means the coating will not cause waste, misuse, undue consumption or contamination of the water supply. Promain stock a range of WRAS approved tank lining coating such as PPG Sigmaguard CSF 585 and Hempel Hempadur 3560 to name a few. When applying a tank coating which is in contact with potable water, always ensure the substrate is correctly prepared and the coating is applied at the manufactures specified dry film thickness.

Marine environments are inherently highly corrosive due to large amount of salts and moisture present in the atmosphere. ISO 12944 guideline have rated these environments with a C rating to make specifying coating standardised. These rating are from C1 centrally heated building to C5M marine and offshore environment with high salinity. Coating are tested by undergoing salt spray and exposure testing in order to get an ISO C5M rating. Understanding your ISO environment can help to tailor specifications, ensuring your coatings are not under or over specified and saving you unnecessary cost. Various coating systems for C5M rated environments are stocked by Promain from single pack water based coatings such as Rust-Oleum Noxyde through to 2 pack epoxies like PPG Sigmashield 880.

Providing excellent adhesion, protection against corrosion and chemical attack our metal pipe repair and coating systems give the optimum protection for internal and external systems uncompromising safety and security from the onset.
We have a selection of goods including bandages, urethane coatings & pastes we can specify for tanks and vessels also to necessary pipeline colours as standard.