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Agricultural paints and coatings need to be up to standard. They must have a high level of resistance to chemicals, be durable and be cost effective. Promain provide a comprehensive range of products to cover all agricultural applications from machinery maintenance, roofing, and flooring to the protection of timber used on gates and fences.

Promain provide quality paint formulations from manufacturers such as Selemix, Osmo, Teamac and Rust-Oleum. Our technical team are manufacturer trained with the most cutting edge products. If you have any questions regarding which paints or coatings are suitable for your individual needs, contact the team today on 01462 421333.

Agricultural Coatings

Agricultural buildings and structures generally employ corrugated sheeting for roofing. This type of sheeting is either constructed from steel or fibre cement. In the case of older structures asbestos may have been used.

Applying a liquid roof coating will provide a waterproof membrane, and will protect the contents of the building and the structures fabric. Liquid applied membranes have the additional benefit of being seamless. This means is has no joints which are potential points of ingress for moisture.

Application is performed without the use of any hot tools, meaning less disruption during application. Consequently, they help to reduce on-site time and to keep all associated labour, access and equipment costs to a minimum. Promain can specify Rust-Oleum’s 25 Year Manufacturer Warranty backed anti-corrosive systems for roofs. This type of warranty system would be subject to two site visits by a Rust-Oleum representative. The first visit would be to survey the roof structure from a which a specification would be produced. The second site visit would be made on completion of the works to ascertain the system had properly installed and the specification adhered to. Following this site visit, Rust-Oleum would then issue the anticorrosive warranty. Promain can also specify Rust-Oleum’s waterproofing and full encapsulation systems for asbestos roofs.

Products such as Rust-Oleum Noxyde offer guaranteed protection with an expected lifespan of around 15 years depending on application. For more anti corrosive products from Promain click here.

Agricultural equipment and machinery can be subject to high level wear as well as exposure to abrasion and aggressive environments. Applying a protective coat will provide protection and increase the lifespan of the machinery.

Selemix specialize in providing protective coating for agricultural, plant and light industrial equipment. Selemix also have ISO approved coating specification than will protect steel in C5-M rated aggressive environments. Promain’s Selemix range of coatings is not just limited to agricultural equipment but can also be used on workshop machinery, agricultural buildings, plant equipment and even plastic substrates.

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Timber is extensively employed as construction material across agricultural farms. The type of structures constructed from timber generally include fences, gates, stables, barns and cladding. Left unprotected, timber can deteriorate and lose its structural integrity.

Applying a protective coating will resist against the ingress of moisture and rot, prolonging the working life of the substrate. Promain stock a range of timber protection coatings from Bedec Barn Paint for cladding and fencing, to Bird Brand Stud Fence Stain. Bird Brand Stud Fence Stain is ideal for equestrian fencing and stables as it is environmentally harmless to plants and also animals if ingested.

Floors in agricultural environments are subject high volumes of traffic from livestock and attack from chemicals used for sanitation. This is particularly the case in dairy farms. For milking parlours the go to coating for floors is chlorinated rubber. Chlorinated rubber paints have a high level of chemical resistance so can easier cope with the intense cleaning and chemical used for sanitation. It also has a high resistance to abrasion meaning it will withstand the high level of traffic from livestock.

Another benefit is it will not cause injury or uncomfortable surfaces for livestock’s hoofs. Promain distribute chlorinated rubber paints from industry leaders such as Teamac and Centrecoat.

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