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Replacing a leaking roof can be a costly process involving a lot of down time. An excellent alternative can be to install a liquid roof system from companies such as 3M. Liquid roofing systems have been around for many years from companies such as Liquid Plastics who produce the Decothane liquid roofing membrane. Liquid roofing systems are easily applied to all types of roof structure their liquid composition allows complex shapes to be easily and seamlessly waterproofed without removal of the existing roof coating in many cases and can offer manufacturers warranties of up to 25 years.

Application is performed without the use of any hot tools, meaning less disruption during application. Consequently, they help to reduce on-site time and to keep all associated labour, access and equipment costs to a minimum. Promain are available to offer a variety of liquid roof systems to meet your individual project requirements.

We can offer systems from leading manufacturers such as 3M, Rust-Oleum and Sika for many substrates including not only flat roofs, but Plastisol roofing and asbestos roofing sheets.

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Promain can specify and supply manufacturer back warranty system for roofs from 5 to 25 years. If you have a roof in excess of 500 m2 squared Promain can arrange for a manufacture operative to inspect and specify a system based on your individual requirement. The process would consist of an initial site visit to assess the condition of the roof from which a written specification will be produced. After the roof coating has been supplied and install as the specification produced a final site visit will be made to confirm the correct installation of the roofing system. Once correct installation has been confirmed, a warranty certificate will be issued. We can offer warranties from Rust-Oleum for metal cladding roofs from 10 – 15 years using their Noxyde system. We can also offer liquid roof systems from world leader 3M from 5-25 depending on the system specified.

Promain work closely with their manufacturers including arranging site visits and manufacturer backed warranties on flat and pitched roofs.

3M have developed a cold applied moisture cured Polyurethane roof coating similar to the Liquid Plastics Decothane for flat roofs. As you may know the Decothane roofing system from Sika Liquid Plastics can now only be applied by an approved applicator whereas 3M are happy to oversee non-approved applicators and still offer either a 15 or 25 year warranty. The 3M roofing system is applied in a similar method to Decothane where a glass fibre Reemat matting is embedded into the liquid applied membrane which becomes resistant to rain rapidly and provides a seamless reinforced elastomeric roof coating with systems to suit all client’s budgets.

Rust-Oleum offer a system for Plastisol Roof sheeting and cladding that offers up to a 15 year manufactures warranty. Rust-Oleum Noxyde is a water based elastomeric coating that is extremely easy to apply and benefits from offering dry fall certification. Noxyde also benefits from the Coatings Research Institute salt test ISO 9227 for 1440 hours, this fulfils the requirements for a corrosive class C5-M High as defined in the ISO 12944 standard.

To qualify for warranties on our Rust-Oleum Noxyde system on your roof or cladding, a site visit will need to be arranged to inspect the area. During this a work card will need to be completed. When we arrange the site visit it is typically a minimum of 3 weeks before work commences to ensure the correct atmospheric temperatures and processes are in place to qualify.

Generally surveying a roof for defects can be an involved and costly process as scaffolding, roof anchors, fall arrests devices and risk assessments for working a height are required before the roof is even accessed. Promain can offer a safer, quicker and more cost effected method for under taking roof survey in the form of our unique drone survey. A Promain operative can attend site equipment with our camera mounted drone and make a safe and through survey of your roof. As our drone is equipped with a high res camera and remote viewing screen you will be able to see any areas in need of repair on your roof without even placing a foot on a ladder or leaving terraferma. Our drone surveys are not just limited to roof but can be used to survey any areas or surface which are difficult to access.