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Zinga products provide an environmentally safe, organic cathodic protection to steel which can extent the service life when it is used as part of a duplex system. It’s unique formula contains a minimum of 96% zinc in the dry coat and is accredited to BS 6853 and BS 476. Zinga has a wide range of uses such as repairing worn or damaged hot-dip galvanising or hot metal spray, as a standalone system, as a primer with suitable top coats or as protection to concrete reinforcement bars.

Zinga products are not actually a paint but actually a zinc coating which is applied as a form of liquid galvanising that can be compared to hot-dip galvanising and zinc thermal spray (TSZ) although in a marine environment Zinga will significantly outlast HDG. Used in the London Underground and offshore oil platforms, this brand has approval by the British Navy and is certified to BS476 parts 6 & 7.


Zinga will provide protection of ferrous metal structures such as bridges, pylons, masts, street furniture directly without the need of dismantling structures and the time-consuming expense of doing so.

The cathodic protection arises from the anode, sacrificing itself in favour of the base metal, which allows the resulting flow of electrons to prevent the chemical reaction of the corrosion. This means that the protection of your metal is guaranteed, even when the zinc layer is damaged slightly. When you use Zinga, the sacrificial rate is reduced dramatically after the zinc layer has oxidised, and the natural porosity have been filled with zinc salts. Additionally, the zinc particles within the Zinga layer are protected by the 'organic binder' without negatively affecting the electrical conductivity of the metal. This allows Zinga to create nearly the same galvanic potential between the zinc and the steel as hot dip galvanising, but with a lower rate of zinc loss due to the fact that the binder acts as a sort of 'corrosion inhibitor' to the zinc.

Surfaces can be cleaned using ZingaSolv.

Zinga is certified under numerous industry standards: