Introducing Anti Slip Tape

Slip, trips and falls account for the most form of accidents in general industry. These sorts of accidents cause many injuries that can lead to time spent away from the workplace. This can be due to sprains, strains, fractures, cuts, bruises & even concussion. In this article, we will address slipping hazards and how they can be resolved using anti slip tape.

Anti-Slip Tape

What Exactly is Anti Slip Tape?

Anti slip tape, sometimes called traction tape, non-skid tape, or non slip floor tape, increases the friction between the sole of a shoe and the ground’s surface. This helps prevent slipping. The main locations that could benefit from traction tape are building entrances, ramps, loading docks, garages, kitchen areas, manufacturing floors, stairs, boat marina’s and water jetties.

The Benefits Of Anti Slip Flooring Tape

There are many benefits to using anti-slip tape, including:

  • After application, it can be open to traffic immediately. You do not have to wait for the tape to cure, unlike paint. This is a great time saver!
  • It’s a very neat and tidy way of producing a lovely straight line without a lot of mess and cleaning up.
  • Generally, you can apply anti slip tapes to numerous surfaces and is often a fast but short-term solution (5 years).

Grades of Anti Slip Tape

There are many different grades of non-slip tapes. Our standard Centrecoat Safety Grip Tape can be used internally or externally. It is water and oil resistant and has a pendulum test result of 102 TRL in the dry and 71 TRL in the wet. Making it ideal for use as an exterior anti slip tape. It is available in a range of standard colours, including a fluorescent yellow for those dark corners or exit routes where a yellow grip tape is often a requirement.

Hazard Safety Grip

There are also 2 grades of anti slip hazard tape. Centrecoat Hazard Safety Grip with a black/yellow stripe and red/white stripe. This is a product which is regularly used when a non slip tape for stairs is required. Step edges are a common place to have an accident and therefore require extra grip. Grip tape for steps and stairs is available in 50mm widths, which is the most common size in regular use on step edges. The largest width available is 150mm therefore, this can sometimes be applied over a large section of the stair tread if required.

Chequer Plate

It is a common misconception that chequer plate (also known as durbar plate) provides a safe surface to walk on, unfortunately this is not correct. Durbar plate is an extremely slippy surface, especially if wet or greasy. The pattern on these plates can often present more problems than it solves.

Centrecoat Conformable Safety GripConformable Safety Tape is the perfect product to provide anti slip on chequer plate steel stairs, platforms or mezzanine floors. The aluminium foil backing allows the tape to conform (take the shape of) the steel tread pattern and reduces the risk of the anti-slip tape lifting from uneven surfaces. The foil has no memory, so you can press into place and will remain in that shape.

Glow In The Dark Anti Slip Tape

Health and safety typically requires walkways and fire exits to have glow in the dark (photoluminescent) tape or signage to guide people in the case of a fire or power cut.

Glow in the dark is often misunderstood as photoluminescent or luminous. So what exactly is the difference? Well, photoluminescent material can be charged by natural or artificial light sources, whereas luminous just means a bright glowing light by reflection.

Centrecoat Glow in the Dark Safety Grip comes in three different options. A hazard striped tape with 45° chevrons in green & black, a plain green tape, or a black background with a green stripe down the middle. The duration of the tape’s light emission varies according to the amount of natural or artificial light it receives, but is typically released over a period of a few hours.

None of the photoluminescent materials are radioactive and so can be used in many different environments. In addition, as well as the benefit of glowing in the dark, this is also an anti slip floor tape. Therefore giving you double the protection, just where you need it!


Promain supply a range of anti slip tapes that can be used for both interior and exterior environments. All of these can be applied instantly with as little hassle as possible. Health and safety precautions are a very important part of ensuring that employees are working in a safe place. With anti slip tape you can ensure that you are doing the very best to prevent any slips or falls that may occur.

For the full range of anti slip products available – including anti slip paints, and solutions for making external decking less slippery, please visit our shop.

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Hopefully this article will have helped to give you a better understanding of anti slip tapes and their uses. However, if you are still unsure or require further assistance, we have a highly knowledgeable Technical Team who can help. You can get in touch by calling us on 01462 421333 or via the contact us page.

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