Anti Slip Paint For Southern Railways Selhurst Depot


Promain‘s colleagues at Sika were contacted by Southern Railway to provide a system specification. This was for for the renovation of their train inspection pit. There were a number of conditions the coating would need to allow for, especially requiring a safe anti slip paint surface for warehouse staff.

Selhurst Depot is under operation by the Southern train operating company. Within the main office building, there is a large maintenance shed, test rigs, a train wash plant, and a cleaning shed. The requirement was for the 12,000m2 main warehouse.

Anti Slip Paint Requirements

Firstly, the upgrading of the floors and maintenance areas at Southern Railways Selhurst depot was carried out using a full range of systems supplied by Sika Limited. These solutions will ensure that all areas will be protected from further deterioration ensure health and safety conditions are met whilst also providing an aesthetically pleasing environment for the workers.

To ensure the safety of the workers, they required a bright paint. Due to the maintenance performed on the trains, the new coating would need to be durable. They need to withstand oil, chemicals and abrasion.

Specification of Anti Slip Coatings

Subsequently, after discussion with the site management, Sika proposed a full coating system. Furthermore, this also included repair to the existing concrete floor ready for the anti slip paint.

The system consisted of:

Sika Sikafloor 161 Epoxy Primer – A moisture tolerant solvent free epoxy primer used for priming concrete substrates, cement screeds and epoxy mortars.

Sika Sikafloor 264 Epoxy Floor Resin –  a two part, economic, coloured industrial epoxy resin floor paint for maintenance workshops, garages and loading ramps.

Sikafloor 91 – A resin based epoxy mortar for patching and screeding industrial floors, which are subject to heavy traffic.

Quartz Sand Additive – An anti slip paint aggregate to add slip resistance to Sikafloor 264. You can obtain skid resistant and multi-coloured surfaces by broadcasting.

Sika Sikagard Wallcoat – A two pack epoxy coating which protects interior concrete and cement substrates against chemical and mechanical damage.

Sika Sikaflex Pro-3WF – Chemical resistant joint sealant.

Anti Slip Paint Railway Inspection Pit

Introducing Sika Sikafloor 264

Anti Slip Paint Railway Inspection Pit

Sika Sikafloor 264 is an economical tintable two part epoxy roller and seal coat.  You can apply this product by roller for concrete and cement screeds with normal up to medium heavy wear. Typical applications include storage and assembly halls, maintenance workshops, garages and loading ramps. Furthermore, you can also use this as a seal coat for broadcast systems. This includes as multi-storey and underground car parks. Promain also recommend Sika Sikafloor 264 for maintenance hangars or wet process areas, such as the beverage and food industry.

Advantages of using Sika Sikafloor 264 is that it has good chemical and mechanical resistance, easy to apply, liquid proof, gloss finish and a slip resistant surface is possible.


The solution provided a bright coloured floor that can be installed in a number of ways. In addition, the warehouse now has a variety of surface textures via using different grades of aggregate. Ideally, this helped differentiate areas in different colours depending on the type of maintenance performed. Henceforth, the bright colouring all helps with the location identification of dropped tools, screws, nuts etc.

Sika’s Sikafloor systems are seamless, non-porous and non-dusting with good chemical resistance. These properties make the floor not only hygienic just also incredibly durable. Subsequently, this Sikafloor system is also easy to clean – ideal for removal of oil and chemicals.

Furthermore, due to the anti slip paint aggregate combined within the paint, you require suitable cleaning tools to prevent damage. Subsequently, Promain’s technical team recommend a long handled nylon floor brush with a suitable cleaning agent such as Centrecoat Eco Cleaner & Degreaser.

Do you require a detailed specification for anti slip paint to floors or ramps? Contact our technical team to discuss your individual project requirements on 01462 421333. Alternatively, you can email our technical team directly via our contact page.

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