How To Choose Your Garden Fence: Keeping Your Fence In Great Condition

A general rule of the thumb when it comes to maintain a new good looking fence is that you shouldn’t let any situation get worse. Tackle issues immediately they arise. A brand new fence may look appealing to the eye and to keep it way, one needs to lay out a defined maintenance program and see to it that it is effectively implemented. The maintenance program should be regular unless an impromptu problem arises in which case, as mentioned before, will need to be handled immediately. The wood on your fence is what holds it and is where most of the maintenance attention should be focused. Depending on the type of coating one has on their fence wood, the maintenance routine too varies. This has been explained below in detail:

Fence with saturated wood oils

Saturated wood oils are compounds such as Textrol and Dex Olje D1. Maintaining fences with such oils is easy as it doesn’t need much work. One needs to only reapply new layers to the small affected areas before they grow big. Before one applies a new layer of coating, it is essential that they clean the area with Net-Trol which removes all previous layers and other stains too leaving the wood looking new. Areas prone to extreme weather conditions aren’t favorable for wood and it is for this reason that one is allowed to apply to or three layers of the oils while in such areas. All of the above products are from Owatrol and though they may be expensive, the results will prove to be convincing in the long run.

Fence with SCS

SCS stands for Solid Color Stain. Some people would refer to is as opaque finishing. It is one of our products and from its name, it functions are clear. Not only does it help protect your wooden fence from tough stains but also helps prevent it against flaking off. SCS protected fences therefore don’t need a lot of maintenance routines as the coating is self-protective. It has proved to stand the test of time too. With its application of horizontal surfaces allowing it to last for around five years while applying it on a vertical surface will earn you a solid fifteen years of protection. This however only applies to our brand of this product. Other brands may produce different results.

Fence with Aquadecks finishing

Aquadecks is a water based coating that tends to last for long compared to many other products. A coating should typically last for more than a year if the weather conditions aren’t adverse. You would easily notice the coating flaking off as you will see some grey patches arising. In case this happens, you should clean the area with Net-Trol as usual. Then apply a sufficient amount of Aquadecks back.

The above products will definitely live up to the hype and expectations you have. Reviews from those who have got a chance to use one or two of them seem positive enough for us to be sure about out products’ effectiveness.

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