Customer Stumbles Into Prepdeck Wood Stripper

A customer recently spotted some Owatrol products in use on a visit to the Royal Yacht Britannia, and he was so impressed with the results he saw, he bought himself some Prepdeck to try out on his own yacht. After a quick trial, contacted us to say how pleased he was with the results. Please get in touch or leave a review if you’ve had any success with our products and you’d like to share your experiences.

How to use Prepdeck to strip a yacht deck

Perfect for marine use, Prepdeck is particularly suited to boat decks and wooden hulls. It’s easy to use and specially formulated to remove coatings and contaminants including old wood stains, oils, mill glaze and other finishes.

To use, first make sure you’re well covered in protective clothing and gloves, and cover anything else nearby that you don’t want stripped. Working in areas that can be covered in 15 to 30 minutes, apply the Prepdeck with a synthetic brush and leave it to work.

The working time will vary depending what previous coatings need to be removed. Test a small area by scrubbing with a brush. See if the finish and dirt is lifting properly from the wood. When it’s ready, scrub the area or use a pressure washer. Always working along the grain, then rinse with plenty of water.

After stripping we would recommend using Net-Trol wood cleaner immediately. It works by neutralising the surface. It prevents any further stripping by any remaining Prepdeck. Apply Net-Trol in the same way. Simply leave it to work and then rinse off.

Using Deks Olje D1 to protect a stripped yacht deck

Our customer also wanted to know if Deks Olje D1 Saturating Wood Oil would be a suitable product to protect his deck, and it certainly is.

Deks Olje D1 is perfect for marine use, even suitable for surfaces below the waterline. It’s also suitable for use as a primer. This is before applying conventional single pack coatings or decorative finishes and varnishes. This includes Deks Olje D2. It is a penetrating wood oil with clear matt finish that brings out the natural beauty of the wood grain. It protects the wood from within, as it’s applied wet on wet. Coats are applied without needing drying time between them, until the wood is saturated. The result is superior weather and UV protection, and no problems with peeling or flaking.

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