Glixtone AC1 Masonry Paint

Glixtone AC1 Masonry PaintFurther to an enquiry from a home-owner who had been advised by her estate agent that the house was looking a little tired and unloved we were contacted by her decorator in regards to Glixtone AC1 Masonry Paint.

The house he had been asked to paint was sited close to the mouth of a river estuary and was subject to high winds during the winter storms. The contractor had put forward a well known trade brand but the home-owner was concerned and decided to surf the internet for a masonry paint that offered a higher degree of protection from the elements.

She came across the Glixtone AC1 a high performance masonry paint. It is suitable for houses on busy streets, harbour buildings, seafront housing. Furthermore it is ideal for hotels, marina walls, boatyards. In fact it is perfect for any area susceptible to salt attack and carbon pollution.

The render was in good order and the existing paint was sound e.g. not flaking, blistering or even chalking. Advice was given that the use of the Glixtone RS2 Primer was not required in this particular instance.

The customer went ahead and purchased the Glixtone AC1 Masonry Paint via our sales team. He received next day delivery ready for her contractor to start. Two coats of the AC1 were applied to the substrate using a roller, giving the house instant curb appeal. This inexpensive, quick makeover instantly made the house far more attractive for potential buyers.

This micro-porous anti-carbonation paint has a life expectancy in excess of 30 years. The home owner was delighted to have found Promain and Glixtone AC1 Masonry Paint. He then sent us a photo of the completed job.

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