Owatrol Wood Stripping Guide: The Previous Coating Matters!

To decide what type of wood stripper you need you first need to know what type of coating you will be removing. This is important to know since different strippers are made to take off different types of coating. There are seven main coatings that you could be looking to remove. They are all listed below.

  • Wood oils
  • Paints & opaque finishes
  • Woodstains
  • Varnishes
  • 2-pack paints & powder coatings
  • Mill glaze
  • Grade stamps & other imperfections

Be sure to check what type of coating a stripper removes before purchasing it. Below we have listed the strippers that are good for certain coatings and a description of them. If none fit what you are looking for then there is one stripper listed that does it all.

Stripping Guide - The Previous Coat Matters

Mill Glaze Removal

A good product for removing mill glaze is Prepdeck. However, since this is a liquid stripper you will only be able to use it on horizontal surfaces. For vertical surfaces the Aquanett brand is a good choice since it is a gel substance and will not run. To remove both stripper and coating you can use water but after you have finished you will need to neutralise with Net-Trol.

Wood Oil Removal

Aquanett and Prepdeck are both good choices when it comes to a stripper for wood oil. However, of the two, Aquanett is the best choice you could make. Again you will use water to remove the coating and stripper but then you will need to neutralise with Net-Trol.

Paint, Varnish and Opaque Removal

One of the best choices to remove paint, varnish or similar coatings is Dilunett. This particular product can remove up to 8 coats at one time. With its gel formula you can use it on multiple surfaces. You will be able to use water to remove the coating after using this product but then you will have to neutralise with Net-Trol. Another product that can be used is DSP 800. While this product is good you will have to use a paint scrape or scrubbing brush to remove the coating. If you are willing to take more time then this is a good choice.

Interior Coating Removal

Now, all of the wood strippers discussed above are meant to be used on exterior surfaces. For an interior surface you can use DSP 800. This stripper does not give off harmful fumes or anything that would irritate allergies that some people have to deal with. So, that alone makes it a good choice for interior work. Also not having to use water to remove it makes this stripper a good choice if you are working inside.

What Type of Coating

If you are not certain about what type of coating you will be removing then the DSP 800 is highly recommended. It is a cover all remover that is able to remove many different coatings. So if you are not certain as to what type of surface coating you have to take off then look at this product, there is even a 2 pack paint and powder coating that will suit any surface.

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