How To Paint Chalky Exterior Walls

If your exterior walls are chalky or are showing the effects of weathering, then you will need to make sure that they are properly prepared before painting begins. The following tips will help you achieve the perfect finish.

The surface that you are painting should be clean and dry and you will also have to remove anything else that could prevent the paint from adhering to the wall. Any loose debris can be removed by scraping it away from the wall. If there is mouldy present then you will need to use a mould removing liquid which can be sprayed onto the surface. It is recommended that the moisture level of the wall is no higher than 12%.

If there are any small cracks in the wall then filler can be applied to these and left to dry. Once this has dried then it should be rubbed down with abrasive paper until it is smooth and all dust will need to be removed.

If there are any bare patches then these will need to be patch primed. This is along with any areas that have been filled. Once all of these areas are dry they can be bought forward ready for the whole wall to be primed.

Once the wall has been prepared it can be coated with a primer. This should be applied evenly and will take at least an hour to dry. You should check the manufacturers instructions to see if it will take longer than this.

The final step is to paint the wall that has been primed with an exterior paint. You will probably need at least two coats. You should ensure that the first coat is completely dry before the second coat is applied.

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