How To Paint Over Interior Fire Damage

If your home has suffered from damage due to a fire, there is a way that you can successfully block all sorts of odours and stains that can be caused by something like this. Before you take the step of painting over this kind of damage, make note of the following steps.

Preparing the Surface

Begin by removing any and all falling and/or loose materials by either brushing everything with a stiff bristle brush or scraping it. Once you have done so, vacuum areas that have been damaged by fire in order to remove any excess dust. Additionally, you can also use an abrasive paper that is of a fine grade in order to feather sound edges.

Please note that before you begin painting, the overall moisture content should not exceed 18%.

Furthermore, if you spot any mould, use a mould killer to remove any signs of this and thoroughly treat the areas, ensuring that you follow all instructions listed by the manufacturer. Allow the area to completely dry.

Patch Priming/Bring Forward

Using a primer sealer, patch prime and bring forward any and all bare and filled areas. Make sure that you follow all manufacturer’s instructions. Generally, you will need to allow for a minimum drying time of approximately 45 minutes once this task has been completed.


In any areas that you will be working with and decorating, use one full coat of a primer sealer of your choice. Once the coat has been applied, allow for a minimum drying time of 45 minutes.


Once the primer sealer has dried, use two full coats of either matt, satin, or semi-glass interior wall paint. Ensure that you follow all manufacturer’s instructions. Between coats, allow for a minimum drying time of two hours.

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