How to Protect Your New Deck

Weather-proofing your deck is a task many homeowners may feel is too big for them to tackle, but you don’t need to hire a professional or spend a lot of money on protecting your deck against the extremes of weather. Owatrol offers many different products to help you properly and efficiently weather-proof your deck, each catered to a specific function or desired aesthetic you may be looking for.

Benefits of Protecting Your New Deck

The fresh wood of a new deck is particularly vulnerable to moisture and weathering processes within its first year. Due to wood’s ability to contain moisture, the wooden slats of a deck can easily warp and even split when soaking wet residue from rain, hail, or melted snow and then releasing it through evaporation. The moisture causes the wood to expand which is how it comes to split or warp. Weather-proofing a new deck with a seal creates a protective barrier between the wood and weather, giving your deck longevity, keeping it erect, safe, and beautiful for many years. For these effects, there are many options that should all be carefully considered – different protections work best for different types of woods, as well as different preferred outcomes, whether you’re seeking something glossy or matte.

Protecting Your New Deck

Seasonite New Wood Protection

Seasonite New Wood Protection is a colorless treatment that can help protect your deck. In as little as an hour or drying, a deck treated with Seasonite can be walked on and enjoyed. The finish helps protect your deck for a year before requiring reapplication. Ensure that the deck is cleaned and dry before applying and that cracks or spacing between slats are coated as well, as this is where moisture will most likely retain. Seasonite may be applied using a paint roller, brush, or wedge paint sponge. The protective film works to resist the wear and tear of both moisture and damaging UV rays.

Protecting Your New Deck

Deks Olje D.1 Wood Protection

Deks Olje D.1 is a great option for any decks made of denser wood. This includes Oak or tropical woods because it soaks through the material. Penetrating deep into the surface of the wood, this product helps keep water out. Due to the fact that Deks saturates into the wood, it does create a stain or film over the exterior of its surface. Henceforth it avoids any flaking or routine upkeep. The finish of the product is matte, creating a nice, modern and simple aesthetic. If applying to a deck that is newly furbished from wood out of a mill, any sort of coating or treatment on the wood should be removed so that the Deks product can properly penetrate into the deck.

Prepdeck Wood Stripper

Prepdeck can help you to remove any treatments no longer desired or needed on the deck. This is in order to prepare for a new stain or wood protection. Simply wet the surface, then apply Prepdeck. Apply with a synthetic brush. Allow the strip to work for at least 20 minutes. After allowing the setting period, rinse the deck using a medium to high-pressure hose to spray it all down. After these preparations, a wood protection may be added, such as Deks Olje D.1.

Protecting Your New Deck

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