SELEMIX Glass Application

Selemix is PPG Industries’ comprehensive industrial coatings system, suitable for all painting or surface protection in the light industrial marketplace.
A comprehensive and robust product range of Selemix coatings are available for glass application.

Selemix coatings are tried and trusted in the industry offering a highly robust and fast drying finish. Available in a vast range of colours; Selemix coating solutions can also provide excellent adhesion to glass substrate ensuring a first class finish you can rely on.

Selemix system is suitable for a range of glass applications.

Typical applications in the glass market include:

  • Kitchen and bathroom splashbacks
  • Toughened glass worktops
  • Glass walls and partitions
  • Advertising displays

When used with Selemix 6-585 Glass Additive, Selemix Direct is a robust and easy to use product that can be applied directly to glass for applications where the reverse side of the glass is painted.


  • Designed for Glass Painting
  • High Solid Content
  • High opacity and high film thickness
  • Advanced 2K Polyurethane technology
  • Wide range of colours matched including BS, RAL and NCS etc.
  • Highly robust and fast drying durable systems
  • Innovative and leading edge colour support tools
  • Dedicated sales and technical support solutions


  • Proven Technology
  • Reduced emissions
  • Excellent coverage; increasing process efficiency with cost and labour saving
  • Durability and reliability
  • Allows you to offer an array of colour options for your customers
  • Increased productivity
  • Allows you to create the exact match to customer requirements
  • Helping you get the most from Selemix products


Selemix Glass Application

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