Euston Tower Roof Painting System

Our technical team were contacted in late 2015 by the specifiers for Euston Tower in Camden, London. Located at the intersection of Tottenham Court Road and Hampstead Road this 34 storey purpose built office tower was recently part of the Regent’s Place development providing 1 million square feet of office, retail and leisure amenities. The current roof system had become worn and was failing so Promain were asked to find an appropriate tower roof painting system.

Roofing Issues

The tower block was suffering from water ingress issues via the upper roof. After a comprehensive site visit, it was found that the roof construction was of asphalt covered roof tiles. The roof tiles were potentially made from asbestos so required a level of respect if the roof was to be prepared for a new coating. As the roof includes many protrusions, a coating would be ideal to save the time on cutting.

tower roof painting systemPromain’s Solutions

After discussion with the specifiers, our technical team needed to find a cost-effective tower roof painting system that would resolve the water ingress issues. They required a warranty to first maintenance. From in depth research, either Rust-Oleum’s Dacfill System or 3M’s series of liquid membrane 15 – 25 year roof warranties were presented to the purchasers.

3M 25 Year Premier Plus Flat Liquid Membrane System

Suitable for flat or inverted roofs and gutters, 3M’s 25 Year Premier Plus system SKR.361AF2SDR works by bonding with the substrate to form a seamless waterproofing coating that can withstand the elements while being UV stable. They chose this system due to it’s cost effectiveness, availability and extended transferable guarantee over other suggested options.

To read more about this specification, download the Application Guide PDF here.

Component I: 3M Scotchkote Thortex Poly-Tech UV 662

Euston Towers: 25 Year Roofing System

Scotchkote Thortex Poly-Tech UV 662 protects a wide range of substrates including cold, warm or inverted roofs, flat, pitch, corrugated, dormer and north light. It is also suitable for Euston Towers roof valley gutters, flashings, upstands cappings and protrusions. You can also use it as general waterproofing over a wide range of common construction substrates and insulants.

Component II: 3M Scotchkote Premier Plus Reinforcing Mat 055

After the initial coat of Poly-Tech UV 662, you should lay 3M’s reinforcing matting to further strengthen the coating. This product is specially for flat roofs with asbestos, so is ideal for Euston Towers roof.

Component III: 3M Scotchkote Urethane Roof Detailing Compound SDR 655

Many old steel roofs suffer badly from weather corrosion. This usually begins at the end laps where edges are vulnerable to peeling. 3M Scotchkote Urethane Roof Detailing Compound SDR 655 can be used as a cost effective and reliable solution to treat end lap and overlap corrosion issues. This compound is also fast drying, weatherproof and waterproof.


The contractors BJF Connections, commenced the job Summer 2016. This was following the 3M 25 Year Premier Plus Flat Liquid Membrane System Application Guide with guidance from our technical team. Afterwards, an inspection was made by a member of Promain’s technical team. 3M provided all the paperwork for the guarantee.

Promain provide a huge series of warranty backed systems. Find out which is suitable for your project today. For a suitable tower roof painting system for your individual requirements, contact our technical team on 01462 421333.

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