Vinyl Floor Paint: A How To Guide

Can You Paint Vinyl Flooring?

Our technical department have been asked whether it is possible to paint vinyl or linoleum floors. Generally, this is not something that we would recommend as floor paint does not tend to stick to vinyl or Marley floor tiles very well. You will find that both acrylic and epoxy paints will not absorb into the vinyl.  Instead, they will sit on the top and will quickly become very brittle and flake off.  If the flooring is waxed this will inhibit the vinyl floor paint even further.

Having said this, we are aware that many people do not want to go to the expense or hassle of removing and replacing their vinyl or linoleum floor covering.

With that in mind we do have an option that will work well, but before you begin, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do I have Altro, tile or lino?
  • Is the vinyl flooring old, new or lacquered?
  • What do I hope to achieve in painting linoleum floors?
  • Do I need an anti slip product?
  • Am I looking to paint vinyl floors in my kitchen?
  • Do I want a specific coloured vinyl floor paint?
  • Do I want to vinyl floor paint to look like wood?

Please note, any vinyl flooring would need to be at least 1 year old before attempting to paint. The most important issue to take into account, is that any dirt, wax or polish has been thoroughly removed before painting is attempted.


What Paint Can I Use on a Vinyl Floor?

As mentioned above painting a vinyl floor should probably only be considered as a last resort or quick fix.  It is not generally cost effective and will not have the same lasting effect as replacing the floor.

Introducing Safekote Anti Slip Floor Paint

Vinyl Floor Paint

Safekote is a low profile anti-slip paint coating which provides UV protection to wooden floors, metal, plastics, fibreglass, marble and decking. This product has an attractive, non-slip, low gloss finish which is easy to clean and maintain.

Safekote is ideal for Steps and Walkways, Bathrooms, Ramps, on slippery floors exposed to water such as Showers, Change Rooms and Ablution Blocks. Clear Safekote is ideal for providing an anti-slip coating on surfaces such as marble, wood, or any other substrate with an aesthetic surface.

Features Technical Details
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Will not fade or yellow from UV radiation
  • Can be applied using brush or roller
  • Suitable for laminate flooring when used with a primer
  • Fast drying and cure – trafficable after only 4 hours
  • Anti Slip coating
  • Low gloss finish
  • Theoretical coverage rate of 3-4m2 per litre
  • Available in 1 (transparent) and 4 litre tins

Protecta-Kote Rubber Anti-Slip Rubber Paint

Vinyl Floor Paint

Protecta-Kote Rubber Anti-Slip Rubber Paint is a unique single component rubber crumb non slip polyurethane paint coating that incorporates rubber granules, to provide a tough, flexible, non abrasive, easy to clean anti slip finish. Suitable for interior and exterior use, weather-resistant and waterproof, protects from corrosion, weathering and abrasion. Protecta-Kote Rubber Anti-Slip Rubber Paint is part of the extensive range of anti-slip products available at Promain.

Features Technical Details
  • Tough, flexible, non abrasive, easy to clean
  • Anti Slip finish
  • Apply by roller or brush
  • Relatively smooth or rough surface, depending on application technique
  • Available in a variety of different colours
  • Extremely tough – chemically bonded to the surface
  • Cures – 12 to 24 hours
  • 100% waterproof, washable and micro porous
  • Total coverage 1m2 per litre applied in 2 coats
  • Available in 1 litre and 4 litre tins depending on colour

Protecta-Kote Clear Primer

Protecta-Kote Clear Primer has been developed to ensure excellent surface adhesion for surfaces that are smooth and have low adhesion properties. The product should be used on in-organic surfaces, before the application of Protecta-Kote anti-slip paint. It doesn’t change the substrate’s appearance but enables the application of clear protective or anti-slip coatings, such as Safekote, to surfaces such as ceramic tiles, marble and other smooth shiny surfaces.

Features Technical Details
  • Use prior to the application of Protecta-Kote Anti Slip paint or Safekote Anti Slip paint
  • Excellent surface adhesion for surfaces that are smooth and have low adhesion properties
  • Easy application process
  • Will not etch or damage the surface
  • Non toxic
  • Can be overcoat after 30 minutes
  • Offers excellent adhesion where conventional primers will not work
  • Theoretical coverage of 10m2 per litre
  • Available in 1 and 4 litre tins

How Do I Paint Vinyl Floors?

If you have decided to paint over your vinyl flooring after all, we would recommend use of either the Safekote or Protecta-kote as listed above. These are both anti-slip options that could be perfect in a kitchen or bathroom environment. Whichever of these you opt for you must use the primer first as this is the only way to ensure good adhesion. We also strongly advise you to try a small test area, first of all, to see if you like the outcome.

To begin you will need to thoroughly abrade the surface with a 600 grit coarse sandpaper.  Follow this by cleaning the surface with a xylene based solvent wipe, and leave to dry.

Vinyl Floor Paint Primer

Once the surface is completely dry you can apply the primer.  Apply by either paintbrush or roller.  The product does not require thinning and can be applied straight from the tin. Create a film of the primer treatment on the substrate and allow to dry. Re-apply to any areas, which have been avoided due to surface tension. If problems persist in wetting a certain area it may still be contaminated with oil. Clean again and re-apply.

Protecta-kote Clear Primer evaporates rapidly in a thin film and will be dry and ready for overcoating after 30 minutes under normal temperature and humidity.

Vinyl Floor Paint Topcoat

You are now ready to apply your chosen vinyl floor paint topcoat.  As a general rule, it will usually require 2 coats.

Full application instruction data sheets are available on our website. We recommend that you follow these instructions fully and ensure that you are wearing the correct protective equipment at all times.

Removing Vinyl Or Linoleum Flooring

Centrecoat Strong Adhesive and Residue Remover is a heavy duty gel formulated for removing vinyl tile adhesive and other strong adhesives be it from walls or floors. It contains methylene chloride so the use of correct PPE is strongly recommended especially the use of gloves.

If you have decided that the best option would be to remove the existing flooring, after all, you may want to take a look at WikiHow’s guide on How to Remove Linoleum.

If you need further advice on painting your vinyl floor paint, our technical team are available with advice Monday to Friday on 01462 421333.

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