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If you are looking for paint inspiration, we would like to introduce the best black floor paint for a mixture of projects. Working closely with our qualified manufacturer trained in-house technical team, below we will discuss the best practices and paints for painting the floor black.

You may have reached this page because you are asking what is the best black floor paint or where can you buy black floor paint UK. Promain provide a wide variety of floor paints including matt black floor paints. If you are confused by the sheer size of our Floor Paints and Coatings shop category, read below to find out the best floor paint for your application.

Home Black Floor Paint

As a polar to the trends of white floorboard paint, dark floors have been trending the last several years and continue to grow in popularity. One of the biggest worries of black floors is how they tend to cause the illusion of your space feeling smaller. However, it is really the combination of colours on the walls that give the total impression. After all, there generally is more wall space than floor space!

If you are looking to paint the floor black at home, it is important to understand how different rooms have different uses. For example, kitchens and bathrooms need hygienic coatings, whereas staircases may need a quality anti slip finish to be safe. It may be advised to discuss the size of the anti slip aggregate with our technical team as different sizes of aggregate are available. Some of the larger aggregates can feel uncomfortable under bare feet. The choice of the size of the aggregate will also depend on the type of floor paint being applied. For instance a polyurethane floor paint is much thinner than an epoxy. Therefore a regular sized aggregate in a PU floor paint will feel quite large, but in an epoxy it may not even be apparent.

To find the best black floor paint for your home, Promain would like to introduce a series of environments and the best black floor paint for their needs.

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Kitchen Floor Paint

There are a number of factors to consider if you are looking to paint your kitchen floor black. First of all, you’ll want to consider the colour of the cabinets. If you have white cabinets, virtually any flooring colour will go.

Black Floor Paint

If however, you have a woody coloured cabinet, you’ll want to select a colour with a nice contrast. Generally, darker floors look better with lighter cabinets and lighter floors look better with darker cabinets. Black kitchen floor paint can really give your kitchen a really clean minimalistic feel, promoting hygiene and cleanliness.

If you have a concrete kitchen floor, Promain’s technical team would recommend using Centrecoat Ultra Two Pack Hygiene Coating. This paint is a very hard wearing, hygienic floor paint available in not only black, but 100’s of shades of dark grey including charcoal. This floor paint can have an anti slip aggregate applied to it if required. It is regularly used in many hospitals, veterinary surgeries, swimming pool enclosures and more. It is ideal for areas where public health is a concern, no matter if it is for domestic or commercial use.

For old linoleum kitchen floors, you can paint lino with the aid of an adhesion primer, but correct preparation must be carried out before application of the floor primer. For this instance we would suggest use of Rustoleum 3333 Adhesion Primer with two top coats of Rustoleum Pegakote.

Black Floorboard Paint

In recent years, end users have become braver with darker paint in their homes. When done correctly, black wall and floor paint can provoke a relaxing atmosphere. At it’s worst, black paint can lead to an imposing, small feel. For example, the room below is minimal with lots of natural light and lots of floor space. With a lack of natural light, this room would be dark, dingy and the feature plants would have to go!

Black Floor Paint

However, if for example you have a fluffy white Persian cat, black flooring may just highlight all that moulting hair! Just as white floor paint invites cleanliness, black floor paint does the same.

Black Wooden Floorboard Paint

Osmo Wood Oil StainIf you have exposed wooden floor boards and would like an intensively coloured black floor without loosing the wood grain effect, rather than a solid colour floor paint, we would suggest Osmo Wood Oil Stain. Osmo Oil Stain is ideal as a coloured primer for all bare wooden floors. This includes solid wood and plank flooring, blockstrip, OSB and cork flooring, as well as stairs and furniture.

Osmo Wood Oil Stain is especially fast drying, while benefiting from being extremely durable and hard wearing. This black floor stain is water and dirt resistant. It is also resistant to common liquid spillages such as water, juice, tea, cola and wine. This makes this product is ideal for wooden kitchen floors.

Once applied, this wood stain can have a top coat of Osmo Polyx Oil Original in either matt or stain to further the durability of the product. Please note, it is therefore not possible to apply a traditional wood floor paint or varnish over this Osmo stain. If there is any confusion regards this system, please contact our technical team.

Osmo Wood Oil Stain is available in graphite, silver and black floor stain tones.

For A Modern Twist

For a more exciting feel, Osmo produce their Polyx Oil Effect with gold or silver groove highlighting. Osmo Polyx® Oil Effect provides an interesting effect to give a pigmented highlight to woods grain. It is ideal for flooring in restaurants, galleries, designer homes, hotels, entrances, offices, lobbies, showrooms, shop floors and more.

Industrial Black Floor Paint

If you have a commercial property looking to have it’s floor renovated with industrial floor paint, Promain have a wide selection of quality paints available from the best paint manufacturers in the market. Ranging from balcony floor paint such as Rustoleum Tarmacoat to garage floor paint such as Flag Polyurethane Floor Paint, offering an economical coloured or black floor paint. Promain have extensive knowledge to provide the best floor paint for your project.

Below, we will discuss some of the most frequently asked industrial flooring applications for black floor paint.

Gym Floor Paint

Last year, we were contacted by a gym in Offley, Hertfordshire looking to paint their renovated barn floor in a black anti slip paint. The existing concrete floor was thoroughly prepared using methods recommended by our in house technical team.

Once the floor was ready, a coat of Bedec Acrylic Floor Paint was applied. This low odour, slip resistant floor paint from Bedec offers a quick drying and hard wearing coating. Bedec Acrylic Floor Paint is slip resistant, which makes it ideal for a fast paced gym environment.

If you are looking to paint a floor black in your gym, we can really recommend this black non slip floor paint from Bedec.

We were asked to specify an anti slip floor paint for another sports facility which already had a black floor but just required a safer finish. For this project, it was decided to use our Protectakote Safekote. This product is a fine, rubber granule textured paint that causes less damage when kneeling.

Promain cannot stress the importance of having an anti slip surface. This helps towards the prevention of injuries to clients and employees.

Theatres & School Drama Rooms

When it comes to floor paint for theatres it is important an anti slip, non reflective coating is chosen. If you are looking for flat black stage floor paint, we would recommend one of the following three products.

FLAG Elastomeric HD

Offering excellent protection for high trafficked areas, Flag Elastomeric HD offers high levels of flexibility for a long lasting durable finish. FLAG Heavy Duty Elastomeric Coating has been blended with a dolomite stone. This provides a very fine almost smooth textured anti-slip surface. This makes it safe for barefoot use by dancers or children. However, this product can give off a strong odour whilst drying. If this may be an issue, we would suggest PPG Sigmadur 520.

PPG Sigmadur 520

If you would prefer a more semi gloss finish, PPG produce this highly approved acrylic PU floor paint. This paint coating is available in a full range of colours. With tough, abrasion resistant qualities, this product has a low odour making it suitable for internal use in closed atmospheres.

Rust-Oleum Rust-O-Thane 9200

If your flat black stage floor has been previously painted we would recommended Rustoleum 9200. This coating boasts long lasting durability with added UV resistance. This means your black floor paint will stay black! Available in a satin gloss finish, this product can be over-coated with a clear topcoat of Rustoleum 4900 Polycoat if you would prefer a matt finish.

However, if your theatre floor paint requires to withstand use of tap dancers you may want to overcoat the 9200 with Rustoleum Pegagraff Hydro. Although generally marketed as a clear anti graffiti coating, this clear varnish is perfect over a hard working Rustoleum floor paint.

Art Galleries

For art galleries looking to paint the floor black, we would suggest Sika Sikafloor 264. If you are looking for a gloss finish, this paint can also be over-coated with a high gloss clear coat. Please note, that the higher the gloss level the less slip resistance is offered. Resistance to slip is important in foyers and other areas where rain or water can affect the anti slip qualities.

Sika Sikafloor 264 is a tintable black floor epoxy paint designed for use on concrete or screed surfaces. This is a popular trade and industrial floor paint. It is often used on areas such as industrial walkways, warehouses, garages or workshop floors. You will find it delivers a superb satin gloss showroom finish to any concrete or screed surface.

Photographic Darkroom Studio Floors

Darkroom’s are workshops used by photographers working with photographic film to make prints and carry out other photographic jobs. Darkrooms typically can be made completely dark to allow the processing of the light-sensitive photographic materials. Because of this, black floor paint is important!

If you are looking for a black floor paint for a photographic studio, Promain can recommend Bedec Acrylic Water Based Floor Paint. The primary use for this floor paint is for coating light industrial floors and new concrete. Furthermore, this product is perfect for environments where light reflection should be kept at a minimum.

Due to the low light levels, spillages of water can increase the risk of falls. This black floor paint has an anti slip surface, which helps towards the prevention of injuries. However, if spillages of chemicals regularly occur, we would recommend the use of a polyurethane such as Flag’s HD Elastomeric floor coating.

Matting agents are suitable for some of the floor paints we offer. For compatibility, please contact our technical team.


Do you have a black floor paint application not mentioned above that you wish to discuss? Then please contact us with your requirements to therefore find the best black floor paint for you.

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