Sika Garage Floor Paint at Ferrari Manchester

Ferrari Garage Floor Paint

Recently, one of Promain’s largest manufacturers Sika provided high end garage floor paint to Ferrari in Greater Manchester. The vehicle workshop involved in the repair and maintenance of some of the world’s most expensive cars. Sika provided a durable, high gloss floor to protect the high-powered, high-specification machines it services.


Of course, the Ferrari garage in Greater Manchester contains a immense range of engineering expertise. The total floor area requiring refurbishment measures 700m2. Therefore, it was vital the new system contained hard-wearing, non-slip properties. The clients also required a smooth, seamless finish which would benefit mechanics and exquisite motors alike.

The garage was to remain closed whilst the floor refurbishment was carried out. This meant that contractors had a strict seven-day deadline to complete the project. To save loss of earnings the business had to reopen on the agreed date.

Garage Floor Paint Specification

Sika specified a full system consisting of:

  • Sikafloor® Level 30 – A high performance, cementitious, self levelling and fast drying.
  • Sika Sikafloor® 263 SL – A two part epoxy self-smoothing and broadcast system for concrete and cement screeds in areas of normal to medium heavy traffic.
  • Sikafloor® 161 Epoxy Primer – A moisture tolerant solvent free epoxy primer used for priming concrete substrates, cement screeds and epoxy mortars.
  • Sikafloor®-264 Epoxy Floor Resin – A two part, economic, coloured industrial epoxy resin floor paint for maintenance workshops, garages and loading ramps.

Concrete Preparation

In preparation, the contractors, IRL Group Ltd, ground and shot-blasted the existing concrete surface. Promain recommend this preparation prior to most garage floor paint application. Sikafloor® Level 30, a polymer-modified, pumpable, self levelling, fast-drying cementitious screed was initially applied to the substrate. Furthermore, the screed was mainly applied in areas of anticipated heavy traffic which required higher thickness.

Floor Primer

Firstly, Sikafloor® 161 Epoxy Primer was then applied to the whole floor. When cured, Sikafloor® 263 SL was installed to a thickness of 2mm. Based on epoxy resin, the coatings offer excellent chemical and mechanical resistance for heavy-wearing concrete. However, this system is ideal for in areas such as assembly halls, workshops, garages and loading ramps.

Garage Floor Paint Topcoat

Garage Floor Paint Ferrari

The floor’s high gloss, light grey finish was supplied by Sikafloor® 264. This floor coating is a two-part epoxy roller and seal coat with high-slip resistance. This coating provides essential traction provision for rear wheel drive cars such as Ferrari‘s which need to journey on and off ramps during maintenance.

The Greater Manchester workshop has space for the service of up to five vehicles at any one time. Because of this, the flooring required to be consistently smooth not compromise on tyre-grip.


“For a floor upgrade in an environment involving big-wheeled vehicles, the surface we provided had to have proven, durable qualities. Sikafloor was absolutely ideal. Its high-gloss finish complimented its hard-wearing, high-slip resistance, resulting in the perfect floor system for a project involving prestigious cars and an abundance of highly-technical equipment.”

Mark Ollerenshaw, Managing Director at IRL Group Ltd

Finally, Sikafloor’s easy application and reliable performance ensures the time frame was met. The client was extremely happy with the garage floor paint and left the workshop with a safe, smart, durable floor fit for a Ferrari.

garage floor paint ferrariIn conclusion are you looking in specifying Sikafloor 264 or other garage floor paint coating? Contact our technical team on 01462 421333 for professional advice for your individual requirements.

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