Sika Renovation of Chatterton Water Tower, Spalding

Chatterton Water Tower

One of Promain’s leading manufacturers of industrial paint coatings and concrete repair, Sika, have been busy specifying products for the Chatterton Water Tower in Spalding.

Introducing Chatterton Water Tower

Chatterton Water Tower has served the Spalding area for the last 62 years. However, over the last few years residents had expressed concern about its dirty state, believing it was creating an eyesore in the heart of the town.

The tower, which was officially opened on 27th April 1955, provides drinking water to the town and the local district. In 2017 it is still a functioning water tower which is vital to supplying drinking water to the people of Spalding.

The full concrete repair, protection and anti-carbonation system was supplied by Sika. This replenished the façade of the iconic town landmark paintwork back to its 1997 condition.


Anglian Water announced the cleaning and painting programme at the beginning of 2017, with the project due to begin in March.

In total, the project took six months to complete. This included the set up and removal of scaffolding, which alone took 12 weeks. All work took take place between normal working hours. This was so that local disruption was kept to a minimum. The Chatterton Water Tower keeps taps flowing by providing a steady, secure store of clean drinking water. It provides both water storage and pressure for customers.

Before the painting commenced, colour swatches were painted onto the tower for local councillors to approve. Once the colour had been chosen, swatch samples were provided to Sika so that they could achieve the correct colour and a colour match could be produced.

Due to its distinctive tulip fascia, the correct colour would be applied to bring the tower back to its stand-out feature throughout its 62-year existence.

Cleaning The Concrete

Chatterton Water Tower Spalding

With work starting in March 2017, the tower’s 4,000m2 surface was steam blasted to remove dirt and other impurities. To prepare, full removal of the algae growth and old flaking paint was performed. This was to ensure the specified paint was to adhere to the surface correctly.

During inspections, minor repairs were recommended to the concrete surface. It was recommended that a proven, durable concrete repair, protection and anti-carbonation system was applied. The contractors, Concrete Repair Ltd, in conjunction with clients, Anglican Water, turned to Sika for the necessary solution.

After breaking out defective concrete and cleaning the exposed reinforcement, Sika Monotop®-610, a high-performance, one-component, cementitious, polymer-modified slurry was then applied.

Concrete Repair

Sika Monotop®-610 simply required mixing with water to provide a superb, reinforcement corrosion protection coating and bonding primer. This product was recommended by Sika in preparation for concrete repairs using Sika Monotop®-615. Sika Monotop®-615 concrete repair mortar – which also requires nothing more than simple water mixture for preparation – is the perfect reinforcement mortar for delaminated, weak, damaged and deteriorated concrete.

Paint Application

Chatterton Water Tower SpaldingSikagard®-675 W GB ElastoColor was then applied. Easy to apply, this system prevents water ingress. 675W is suitable for a range of concrete structures as an anti-weathering, two-way vapour permeable solution. This topcoat stops pollutants and water penetrating into the concrete matrix whilst protecting the internal reinforcement.

Sikagard®-675 W GB ElastoColor is used for protection and enhancement of concrete structures (normal and lightweight concrete), especially exposed concrete surfaces with a risk of cracking.

Approximately 400 25-litre cans of paint were applied, finally equal to 10,000 litres.


 “The Sika products were superb in repairing and protecting the tower’s surface. They were very easy to use, and provided the perfect base with which to restore the tower’s aesthetic qualities. We were very pleased.”

Regular Promain customer Olu Ogunwale, Senior Contracts Manager at Concrete Repair Ltd

The tower’s restoration completion is due for completion in October 2017. This outstanding town landmark is as a result looking as smart as it did when it was first constructed in 1955. Thanks to the robust properties of Sika’s dual concrete protection system, it will remain a much-admired landmark on Spalding’s town centre horizon for many years to come.

Are you looking at Sika products for your project? Contact our technical team on 01462 421333. Alternatively, see our website for more information on Concrete Repair Mortar. If you have a prestigious building looking for renovation, our technical team can help specify durable coatings from a wide range of manufacturers.

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