Mapei Render System For New Modular Buildings

New Modular Buildings Render Promain

If you are looking for durable façade systems for the manufacture of new modular buildings, Promain’s technical team would like to introduce a 10+ year guaranteed system from Mapei.

Issues With Manufacturing New Modular Buildings

Most manufacturers of park homes and modular buildings build there properties off site, transporting them when ready. This causes a number of issues. Due to the stresses involved when moving modular buildings, any render system applied to the externals of the property must be able to withstand the effects of movement.

Currently by using render products such as Resitex, park home manufacturers such as Tingdene build within their factories. Once the park home reaches its destination there may be stress cracks due to movement during transport. Consequently, when in situ, the external render may require repair before use.

As standard in previous years, textured coatings were used for new modular building external rendering. These products have a tendency of being susceptible to mould, algae growth and dirt collection within the peaks and valleys of the surface.

Benefits of Mapei’s New Modular Building Render System

Due to the elastomeric nature of Mapetherm Flex RP and the Elastocolor Tonachino topcoat, once the park home has been moved from the factory to site there is little or no preparation externally to prepare for the new owners. This saves manufacturers a fortune in time, increasing productivity levels while saving on expenses.

The new system from Mapei contains innovative Bio-Block technology. This involves integration of an easily cleanable finish, making it harder for residual dirt and growth to occur on the surface. This means that the new Mapei system is ideal for new modular buildings by woodland or even in coastal environments.

Not only does this system provide the above benefits, but it also carries a 10 year product warranty. Furthermore, you can extend this guarantee by another 10 years. By simply utilising the below system, your business will save both money and time on expensive maintenance of customers properties.

Maintenance of this external render system will be cost effective. If the render has been soiled or stained with dirt, atmospheric pollution or water splash the warm soapy water should be applied by sponge. You can lightly scrub surfaces if you require a nylon brush (not Wire Brush). Light power wash with care, do not use the nozzle close to the surface, furthermore take extra care at junctions and joints.

Mapei’s Modular Building Façade System

Mapei Render Facade SystemIf you manufacturer new modular buildings, with the external structure constructed of plywood, OSB or MGO boards, we would need to know which board / manufacturer you intend using so we can confirm suitability.

  1. Mapetherm Flex RP 0.5mm (tinted to match the customers preferred colour for the topcoat)
  2. Mapei Mapetherm Net (embedded into Mapei Mapetherm Flex RP)
  3. Elastocolor Tonachino Plus 1.2mm (tinted to pastel colours)

If you are coating virgin or non textured external board, instead of Mapetherm Flex RP 1.5mm the 0.5mm thickness variant can be used.

Mapei Modular Building Facade Render

You can use Mapei Mapesil AC on windows and seams. This product is a pure, mould-resistant, acetic silicone sealant also containing BioBlock technology. It can withstand movement up to 25%. This product is available in a range of 34 colours or transparent. This makes it easy to find a colour to compliment your render colour choices.

All of the above products are available from Promain.

Mapei Modular Building Render System

This Mapei render fascia system for new modular buildings is ideal for construction of:

  • Prefab houses
  • Modular buildings
  • Portable offices
  • Modular Construction
  • Container Offices
  • Prefab Buildings
  • Portable Buildings
  • Site Offices
  • Portable Cabins
  • Portable Shelters
  • Modular Classrooms

Want to find out more about this Mapei System new modular buildings construction? Find out more how Promain can provide you with cost effective, durable systems for your business. Contact our technical team today on 01462 421333.

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