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Selemix is PPG Industries comprehensive industrial coatings system, suitable for all painting or surface protection in the light industrial marketplace.

We can supply a wide range of product systems tailored to suit every need. Available in a wide range of durable colours and suitable for painting a range of substrates.

Whatever your requirements, whether you are painting shelving, bicycles, furniture, metal frames, garage doors or agricultural machinery etc. After all, Selemix System is the perfect solution for an impeccable finish.

Furthermore, we have a wide range of Selemix Products including:

Therefore they are all designed to give the very best in corrosion protection certified to ISO 12944. ISO 12944 is the recognised international standard for corrosion protection of steel.

The main 2K Selemix paint cycles have been externally tested and certified in the corrosion and durability ranges in accordance with ISO 12944-6; to give you assurance of the quality of Selemix products.

Selemix Features

  • Firstly, 2-pack direct topcoats removes primer cycle
  • ISO 12944-6 certified product systems
  • 5 year Warranty Assurance of paint performance
  • Matched to international colour standards RAL, British Standard, Pantone, NCS
  • Highly cost effective and durable systems
  • Dedicated sales, technical and training support


  • Initially process time savings
  • Assurance of corrosion protection
  • Assurance of colour consistency and reproducibility across the range
  • High film thickness
  • Furthermore, increases process efficiency and reduce product consumption
  • Improved system economics
  • And finally, Allows you to create the exact match to customer requirements


Lastly, Selemix is available from

Selemix For Light Industrial Market

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