Textured Paint For Modular Buildings – Glixtone EM18

Promain‘s technical team are frequently contacted by clients looking to give their exterior masonry a textured paint finish. This is rather than with a whole new potentially expensive rendering system.

We were recently contacted by a contractor that had been requested to provide a textured paint finish to a modular building in a school. The plywood construction of the modular building had a previous coating. It had failed over time leaving many hairline cracks across it’s surface. As the school required an attractive neutral finish, our technical team suggested use of Glixtone’s high build textured paint product EM18.  One of the many benefits of Glixtone EM18 is its highly durable and flexible characteristics meaning that any hairline cracks would be bridged. This would also save the client costs as there would be no need for a primer.

Glixtone EM18 Textured Surface Paint

With a long life expectancy and outstanding resistance to UV rays and weathering, it was decided upon discussion with both the client and school that the product was suitable. Also, the textured paint is tested to BS476: Parts 6 and 7 and satisfies Class 0 Spread of Flame.

Applying Glixtone EM18

Glixtone EM18 Textured Paint Promain

It was important to the customer to achieve a deep texture on the exterior walls in a tight time frame. To enhance the depth of texture on the surface, a specialised honeycomb roller was provided. The entire 85m2 was coated in one day. As it did not need a further coat of paint due to the fact the product came in not only in white but the required magnolia, the school was able to open straight after a bank holiday.

Secondly, a quick tip from our technical team was to always finish on the up stroke. This allows you to push the marble aggregate into a vertical position. This will ensure that the texture will have a ‘peaked’ effect when dry.

When To Use Textured Paint

Relevant projects include sheds, out houses, garages, mobile units, modular structures, modular buildings, portacabins, welfare cabins and units, exterior brickwork. In fact, Glixtone EM18 can be used on virtually all common building substrates. The limit is your imagination.

Finally, not only this but Glixtone’s EM18 is also usable internally so you can use it an alternative to Artex on ceilings.

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