Football Pitch Marker Solutions

When it comes to football pitch line marking, there are a range of tools to make the job easier. Let’s face it, being a football pitch marker is the boring bit. We all just really want to get on with the game! Here we will look at ways to make the unenviable task both quicker and easier.


Football Pitch Line Marking Machine

Unless you’re a member of the elite tiers of football, the chances are you have spent many a morning marking out football pitches. Grassroots football is where the real passion for the game shines through. Everyone plays their part, from players, to volunteers and supporters, everyone chips in come rain or shine.

Ampere Line Marking Sport Striper is a pitch line marker which is ideal for applying lines to football pitches, rugby pitches and cricket pitches on grass.

When used in conjunction with Ampere Athletic Line Marking Paint aerosols, you can produce perfectly straight lines between 3cm and 10cm wide. With the added bonus that no maintenance or cleaning is required, this machine will save you both time and money.

Other benefits of the Ampere Sport Striper include:

  • Easy and strong locking handle to adjust line width
  • The aerosol twists and fits automatically via patented design
  • 4 wide wheels for a better stability
  • Ensures perfect line even in windy weather
  • Reinforced metallic chassis

Already Have A Pitch Line Marker?

Of course, many sports facilities will already have a trusty football pitch line marker. If this is the case, we can still help with suitable line marking paints.

Promain are proud suppliers of Sports Coatings products. These products include both indoor and outdoor line marking solutions, including football pitch marking paint.

Sports-Cote GMC Silver S water based chalk paint

Ideal for use on natural grass surfaces, such as football pitches, or tennis courts. Sports-Cote GMC Silver S offers high visibility and opacity that continues to work through its lifetime. It is quick drying to reduce downtime and allow play to continue after just 30 minutes at 20°C.

Sports-Cote GMC Premium Line Marking Paint

A high quality product designed for marking lines on grass sports pitches. This is especially good on muddy pitches! It is ideal for use with Spray Machines or Line Marking machines to produce accurate markings.

Sports-Cote GMC Premium Line Marking Paint is a white paint, although colourants may be added to provide black, orange, yellow, green and blue finishes.

Sports-Cote GMC Gold Grass Paint For Transfer Wheel Machine

Designed for use with all wheel-to-wheel machines, Sports-Cote GMC Gold can also be used in spray machines. However, after vigorous testing, we feel it works better with a transfer wheel line marking machine.

Ideal for application to natural grass and shale sports surfaces. It is suitable for line marking for football, rugby, hockey, cricket pitches and athletics tracks.

How About Artificial Grass?

If you are looking for a sports line marker which is suitable for use on artificial grass, we have the answer!

Sports Coatings Sports-Line AG For Artificial Grass

A high performance two pack polyurethane line-marking paint.

An ideal artificial grass line marking solution for faux grass made from yarn systems based on nylon, polypropylene, polyethylene or copolymers. Ideal whatever the length of pile.

Remember that users need to use the right sports shoes for the paint to last!

ProSolve Temporary Linemarker Aerosols

Temporary Line Marking AerosolIdeal as a quick line marker for sports on grass or concrete. ProSolve Temporary Linemarker Aerosols are water based 750ml aerosols. Therefore, they can be simply washed away or allowed to deteriorate in the weather.

Perfect for occasions such as school sports days, where you do not want a permanent line. They are also available in a range of 7 different colours!

These are just some of the pitch line marker machines and football pitch line marking paint that we have available to purchase from Promain.

Looking For More Specific Information?

We have written a number of articles concerning painting various sporting venues. From the correct paint and preparation for tennis courts, to sports hall floor painting. You can read about these on our web site by following the links below.


We hope that this article has helped you with ideas for making football line marking easier. Are you still struggling with which pitch line marking paint or which Football pitch spray line marker to use? Promain have a Technical Team ready to help with further advice. They have a huge range of knowledge to help customers no matter the issue. You can reach them by calling our offices on 01462 421333 or via the contact us page.

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