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Since 1975, A.M.P.E.R.E. SYSTEM has been a European leader in aerosol line marking. They are respected as a key manufacturer in not only line marking aerosols but a range of other player technical aerosols. A.M.P.E.R.E have developed a range of line marking products that are leaders in their market sector. With a unique aerosol nozzle developed not to clog when used with their road line and grass line marking machines, their system results in a greater yield from their aerosol cans than most other manufacturers.

Ampere Line Marking Sports Striper and Ampere Athletic Paint offer an easy to apply alternative to traditional transfer wheel machines for grass. This is with the added benefit without maintenance or the need to clean. The Line Marking Striper for hard surfaces is adjustable for lines from 5 to 10 cm – thinner lines also possible from 3 to 5 cm. Both the line marking machines offer 4 wide wheels for better stability therefore producing perfectly straight lines with no maintenance or cleaning required.

Further benefits of these robust line marking machines is a specially designed windscreen around the spray nozzle. This has been developed to ensure a perfect line even in windy weather. The reinforced metallic chassis boasts a side striper for marking pallet edges, walls, etc.

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  1. Ampere Line Marking Traffic Paint
    Ampere Line Marking Traffic Paint

    Line marking aerosols suitable for use with Ampere Perfekt Striper. Available in 7 colours in 500ml cannisters.

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