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Anti Carbonation Paints are formulated to reduce the effects of carbonation on exterior walls. Carbonation is the process in which surfaces decay due to attack from aggressive airborne pollutants such as carbon dioxide. This can be due to too much exposure, but is usually due to the lack of protection. Anti-carbonation paint offers you the most suitable protection as you seek to protect your concrete and metal surfaces from erosion and damage. Anti Carbonation Paint are regularly specified by surveyors and architects in areas such as multi storey car parks where the concentration of vehicle exhaust gases tend to be excessive.

A major factor in concrete decay is carbonation, caused by Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere reducing the alkalinity of concrete. Sulphates from vehicle exhausts and chlorides from de-icing salts also contribute to concrete degradation.

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reduces the alkalinity of concrete. The alkalinity of concrete is typically between pH12 and pH13. At these levels the highly alkaline nature of the concrete results in the formation of a passivation layer on the reinforcing bars, preventing corrosion. A drop in the level of alkalinity to a pH of below 9.5 eliminates the passivation and protection, making the concrete susceptible to attack by water and oxygen, leading to corrosion of reinforcing steel and eventually spalling of the concrete.

Causes of decay in concrete:

  • Weathering leading to erosion
  • Water absorption leading to rusting of reinforcement beams
  • Insufficient concrete depth – corrosion of reinforcements,
  • De-icing salts – chloride corrosion

What Are Anti Carbonation Masonry Paints?

Anti Carbonation paints protect masonry. CO2, SO2 and the effects of UV sunlight can cause damage. These masonry paint coatings are resistant to climatic pollution damage such as attack from smog and salt so is ideal for city buildings, premises close to heavy traffic or industrial environments.

Ideal For:

Car Park Anti Carbonation

Anti Carbonation Paints Available From Promain

The products we have on offer give you a high level of water resistance, protection from CO2 damage. They also give an aesthetically pleasing decorative finish. These include products by manufacturers such as Mapei, Keim, Rust-Oleum Mathys, Sika and 3M.

One of our more popular anti carbonation masonry paints are Sika’s Sikagard 545W. Sikagard 545W is a versatile, elastomeric paint that is capable to bridge cracks in concrete structures. With the added benefit of being environmentally friendly, this product complies with EN 1504-9 and EN 1504-2 and can be used alongside Sikagard 550W as a tintable coloured topcoat to the system.

Keim Concretal C is a sol silicate based paint with the added benefits of anti carbonation. Keim Concretal C is aAvailable in a range of pastel shades. You can use it on most concrete surfaces and mineral substrates.

Mapei Elastocolor Pittura Paint is based on acrylic resin and as well as being formulated against attack from CO2, it is also an elastomeric coating that bridges hairline cracks .

Read further about our Anti Carbonation Paint options here.

Anti Carbonation Paint

Hopefully the above article will help you to determine the most suitable coating for protecting your masonry against attack from carbon, sulphur and other airborne pollutants.

Our manufacturer trained technical team will be able to advise on all aspects of your masonry painting project. We advise the correct painting system for your individual requirements. To discuss your job further please do not hesitate to contact our technical team on 01462 421333.

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