How To Choose Your Garden Fence: Erecting A Lap Panel Fence

In the next posts of this series, we shall elaborate on how you can physically set up your fence. In this article, we shall discuss about how to install a standard lap panel fence. We shall assume that you have all the required posts. You may re-visit our guide on how to set up fence posts in the previous series.


When setting up your fence, the most important thing to remember is the need to prevent panels from rotting. By so doing, your efforts and hard work will not go to waste. This can be achieved by raising the panel at least 10cm above the ground. Another option is laying a gravelboard at the bottom of each panel. Gravel boards are made using different materials. We suggest the concrete type which is more costly than pressure treated timber which is less expensive but less effective as it may rot though it is more aesthetically pleasing.

The type of gravel boards you choose depend on the type of posts you intend to use. It is advisable to use concrete gravel boards for concrete H posts. This is because they match well. In addition, it will be easy to slip them down in the grooves located on the sides of fence posts. There are two different sized H posts available – the gravel board and fencing system will depend on the reveal size provided between the posts. In the event that you do not have slotted posts, you will be required to use angled cleat. It will help you to secure a concrete gravelboard. It can be bought from any DIY stores.

On the other hand, if you decide to use concrete gravel boards with wooden newell posts, you can put wooden U battens on either side of the posts along its length and slide the gravelboards between them. Alternatively, you can use cleats to secure the boards. Whichever option you prefer will work for you. But experts advise that you use concrete gravelboards for concrete posts and tanilised timber gravelboards for wood posts due to probable expansion of timber.

Erecting A Lap Panel Fence: Posts

If you choose to use concrete posts, erecting fence will be much easier and simple. Simply slide the gravelboards down the slots of your posts. This should be followed by sliding in a wooden fence panel.We would suggest that you coat the fence panel before installation to ensure all of the individual edges of the panels are coated with a wood preserver such as our Water Based Fence Concentrate which has been formulated to be both economical and effective, reducing the risk of unsightly fungus and mould growth. Do the same to other panels. It is just as simple as that. You will be through with the job.

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