How To Prepare Your Deck For Paint

Restoring Decking with Owatrol

It is not uncommon for homeowners to treat their decks to a brand new paint job from time to time. A fresh new look is normally just what an older looking worn deck needs to brighten things up around the home. However, before the homeowner gets started with putting on their first coat of paint, they should know that there is some preparation that will need to be done. Most of which will ensure the paint job comes out looking like it cost a mint to complete. With that being said, here are some common preparations that the owner and their family members should make.

Treat The Wood First

Before applying that first coat of paint, it is important that the wood be treated prior to getting started. This is because there is a mill glaze on the top of wood, and it needs to be removed. Mill glaze is a hard shiny surface that will prevent finishing from penetrating the wood. So, it can affect the overall performance of the paint job quite substantially. Therefore, one of the first things that must be done before applying any kind of paint is to the treat the wood with products like Seasonite.

Seasonite is used for protection, while it also allows enough moisture in so that the new paint can be applied properly. With this kind of treatment, however, the process takes at least 6 months to a year since Seasonite has to sit for this time frame before new paint can be applied. On the other hand, for those homeowners who want to do their paint jobs sooner, Aquanette is recommended treatment. Aquanette is gel treatment that will expedite the job because it strips off the mill glaze.

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Preparations For An Untreated Deck

Sometimes the deck has never been treated before so it normally makes this paint job a little easier to prepare for. However, the part of this preparation entails making sure the surface of the deck is cleaned thoroughly. All of the dirt and grime must be removed. In some cases, the surface may also be turning grey which can cause additional problems, especially if the finish that is being applied is clear. To avoid these problems, the wood should be cleaned with Owatrol Net-Trol cleaner. This cleaner will not only clean the wood thoroughly, but also restore the deck to its new wood colour.

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Preparations for Previously Oiled Deck

Homeowners should also make special preparations for decks that have been oiled before. Specifically because all of the oil needs to be removed before the deck is painted. Again, with the use of Aquanette as an wood oil remover, it’s a relatively easy application and process to complete. With 2 separate applications of this gel, the user will scrub the wood’s surface with a stiff brush to remove all of the oil from the deck.

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Preparations For Previously Varnished, Stained or Painted Decks

Varnishes, staining and painted decks must also be prepared before applying new coats of paints. In order to remove all of these substances, Dilunett is highly recommended. With this product, users can remove as many as 8 layers of paint in just one application. So, it is very effective in getting the job done, while also taking care of the smallest and intricate areas. The timing in completing these jobs will vary, which depends on the layers of paint that need to be removed.

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How to Address Mildew Problems

If the owner finds that the deck has mildew problems, these situations will need to be taken care of before applying paint. To complete this preparation, a 50:50 solution of bleach and water is normally highly recommended and effective. Because some owners may have plants and shrubbery in these areas, people should be careful of getting this mixture on their greenery. Also, once the entire process is complete, the deck should be left to dry before paint can be applied.

How to Prepare Decks When Owner Does Not Know The Decks Past

If the owner is not sure if their deck has been painted before, it is better to follow the safest course of action possible. Meaning, the general rule of thumb is to over prepare in these situations to prevent problems in the future. For instance, if the wood is not prepared properly in advance, the paint will begin to peel. The owner will need to start the entire process over again.

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