Anti-Slip and Winter Decking

Protecting your Decking in the Slippery Winter Months

Typically, over the winter months, temperatures are lower and a there is a lack of sunlight. This allows algae to form on the surface of your decking. As a result the decking can become slippery. This is more common if your decking is in an area where foot traffic is low. A build-up of algae or fungus with sediment in the atmosphere (such as bird mess or rotting leaves) can potentially cause a dangerous ice rink. This is if you leave the surface without protection. In the UK there is a definite apprehension, with slippery decking being the most queried issue when it comes to deck maintenance.

Depending on the type of decking boards laid, it’s best to get out there ASAP and start fixing the problem. If the surface has become overwhelmed by the elements, it’s time to bring your deck back to life with a quality wood restoring cleaner, such as the extremely popular wood restoration product, Owatrol Net-trol.

ProtectaKote for Anti Slip Decking

Slip Tests

A good-quality deck coating will have had slip tests done during the manufacture stage. These tests are universal and are done under laboratory conditions using a pendulum testing machine. The machine uses a rubber shoe which is on an arm that swings. It records the amount of distance the shoe moves across the surface in various wet and dry conditions. The shorter the distance, the higher the value of slip resistance.

The PTV (Pendulum Test Value) rating results are as follows:

  • Low Slip Potential: +36
  • Moderate Slip Potential: 25-35
  • High Slip Potential: 0-24

This figure can be dramatically improved with anti-slip deck coatings, stains and additives supplied by Promain. Anti-Slip additives on a basic level are grit that is sprinkled on the first layer of paint to provide an abrasive surface that is supplied in various grain densities. This can really help to prevent accidents to keep your family or business users safe whatever the application. You cannot guarantee the actual rating of the PTV. This will depend on the type of application and the material you apply it on to.

ProtectaKote Anti Slip

What If I Am Restoring An Area Where A Quality Surface Is Vital?

When restoring a ramp or deck around a nursing home, a quality surface is vital to the safety of residents. Depending on requirements, we supply clear or tinted decking oil, such as Osmo 430 Anti-Slip Decking Oil to keep the natural beauty of the wood but provide a safer more slip resistant surface.

Protecta-Kote Rubber Anti-Slip Rubber Paint provides a tough, polyurethane, UV resistant, anti-slip finish that protects from snow, ice and water and can withstand heavy use by trolleys or wheelchairs around properties.

SafeKote offers a finer less aggregated finish (but still offers an extremely slip resistant surface), again in a wide range of colours including clear that has a clear slip resistant additive suspended in the paint.

What If I Have Materials Other Than Wood That Are Slippery?

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor shower, pool area, care home or gym, providing the floor has easy to clean areas such as tiles, smooth concrete or mineral surfaces, you can get sufficient protection from our Centrecoat Slip Resistant Floor Paint without compromising the quality of the floor.

How About Non Slip Decking on Boats?

Our Teamac Suregrip Deck and Floor Treatment is a ready mixed aggregated deck coating designed for when the surfaces anti slip rating must be at a premium. This product is not only exclusive for boats. You can also use it on internal and external commercial and residential floors. (These may be subject to correct preparation and or priming).

Please consult the Technical Department at Promain for further advice. They can help with your personal application to provide a slip-resistant surface on wood, metal, Power floated flooring, concrete, GRP fibreglass and more!

As ever, if you have any queries in regards to our extensive range of slip-resist paints and treatments please contact our technical team on 01462 421333 or alternatively email on [email protected].

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