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After identifying and installing a good garden deck, maintaining it should be a walk in the park. Regular maintenance definitely has to be carried out for it to maintain its good look. This maintenance routine is however only suitable for those using Owatrol products. Maintaining a deck that has been treated using opaque finishes is different from maintaining on treated using saturated wood oils. Sustaining the former seems a little bit easier. Below, we will outline how to effectively do both.

Saturated wood oils

Our saturated wood oils products include the Textrol penetrating wood oil and the Aquadecks water-based penetrating wood treatment. Treating your deck with any of these oils will ease your maintenance work significantly. The recommended time frame within which one should reapply the maintenance coat is averagely two years.

It is however likely that the deck may be through tougher environmental conditions such as too much sun and wind making it necessary for one to reapply the oil before the recommended time frame.

It is essential that one cleans the deck before reapplying the wood oils. One can do this quickly using Net-Trol wood cleaner. The cleaner serves to remove even the toughest of stains leaving behind a super clean surface. A clean surface is highly recommended since it helps restore the wood’s natural colour and also helps the wood absorb the oil easily.

Deks Olje D1 is even better as it will ease your maintenance burden. The best way to know that the deck is ready for maintenance services is when it has turned back to its light grey colour after being exposed to the sun for long periods of time. The maintenance layer can be applied in up to 2 or a maximum of 3 layers.

Owatrol Decking Paint

Opaque finishes

This is again only suitable for a decking that has been finished using one of the Owatrol products. The reason that we insist on our brand is because we know that it lasts on the decks for quite a while. Not much maintenance is therefore needed after using our products.

Decking surfaces that exposed to extreme weather conditions may however pose a challenge to the owner as they tend to turn grey a little bit faster hence need more maintenance work. Again with this, you will need to first clean the deck before applying the new maintenance layer.

Net-Trol wood cleaner is recommended here too. With this cleaner, it shouldn’t be difficult to scrub off any type of dirt from the wood surface. The cleaner also leaves it looking new. You can then apply the maintenance coating only after rinsing off Net-Trol cleaner with a lot of water. The deck should be left for a reasonable amount of time so that it could dry before applying the coating.

The only major point that you should have probably grasped by now is that it is only after using high quality products, from Promain, that maintaining your deck will be a lot easier. Maintenance will only help enhance its appearance making it look stunning year after year.

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