How To Choose Log Cabin Paint

If you are lucky enough to have your own log cabin you will be all to aware of how important it is to ensure the exterior is well maintained and cared for. This can lead to a number of questions, such as ‘What is the best log cabin paint?’, ‘Can I use ordinary exterior wood paint?’ or ‘Is it better to use a wood stain on my wood cabin?’ These are all good typical questions, and we hope to help you answer these with this article. Read on for more information on how to paint and care for your log cabin.

Which Paint Should I Use?

One of the most important choices you will face is the decision of which paint, varnish or stain is best suited for your needs. Whilst you want the exterior to look as beautiful as the interior, you also need to ensure that you choose a timber paint that will protect your cabin from the elements. Rain, wind, snow, and UV rays from the sun can all cause damage to your home, however, these days with the  number of options available, from waterproof paint for wood, to log cabin varnish, you no longer have to sacrifice beauty for protection.

Another decision you will need to make is if you want to use a stain or a paint. Both will offer you UV protection provided they are applied correctly. The wood stains will allow the texture of the wood to show through and many are now available in a vast range of colours, however paints will give you an even greater colour choice, but will cover the grain and texture of the wood.

Introducing Teknos Woodex Aqua Classic

Teknos Woodex Aqua Classic is a water-borne, oil-based, non-film-forming transparent wood stain for outdoor use. It protects wooden surfaces from moisture, soiling & when tinted, also protects from UV fading.

Teknos is one of Finland’s largest family owned businesses. Being a Scandinavian firm, they are experts when it comes to paints and stains for log cabins.

Features Technical Details
  • Wood Stain for outdoor use
  • Protects from moisture, soiling and when tinted, UV fading
  • Suitable for new and previously treated wood
  • Recommended especially for log surfaces such as cabins, wooden offices & outhouses
  • Available in a range of clear and translucent wood stain colours
  • Water Based
  • Application by Brush or Spray
  • Theoretical Coverage: Sawn timber 5 – 8 m²/l, Planed timber 8 – 10 m²/l
  • Untreated wood should be primed with Teknos Woodex Aqua Base 
  • Teknos Woodex Aqua Base is used undiluted
  • Available in 2.7 and 9 Litres

Owatrol Linitop Solid

Linitop Solid is a solvent based, long lasting, UV protecting, highly flexible woodstain suitable for old or damaged interior and exterior wood including cladding.

A decorative “high performance” woodstain with a new-generation UV filter containing a UV absorber linked to a stabiliser (anti-UV barrier). It can be applied to wood with stable dimensions, and has a matt/satin appearance.

Features Technical Details
  • High solid content: double protection per coat for long term resistance
  • Gelified formula gives great ease of application without running
  • Special anti-UV pigmentation for optimum protection
  • Excellent resistance to bad weather
  • Can be applied both internally & externally
  • Ready to use
  • Solvent Based
  • Family 1 – Class 4a Classification
  • Apply by Brush Roller or Spray gun
  • Linitop Prim & Finish should be used on new or restored wood after striping & sanding
  • Rich Matt / Satin finish
  • Theoretical Coverage: 12- 15 m2 per litre
  • Available in 10 stylish colours
  • Available in 1, 2.5 and 5 Litre tins

Bedec Barn Paint

Bedec Barn PaintA tough and highly durable water based paint that offers excellent colour retention against the effects of UV. Bedec Barn Paint is a perfect solution for the protection of exterior buildings such as barns, stables, outbuildings, sheds, silos, windmills, and factory units.  It can be applied to previously painted surfaces – even those coated with weathered bitumen, tar varnish or creosote.

Available in a wide range of opaque paints and semi-translucent stains (Jacobean, Walnut, Dark Oak, Mahogany & Medium Oak).

Features Technical Details
  • Can be applied to previously painted surfaces
  • Flexible micro porous protective coating with excellent colour retention against UV rays
  • Protects against weather, rot, and algal damage
  • Two or three coats can be applied in one day
  • Resistant to cracking, blistering and flaking
  • Water Based
  • Apply by brush, roller, or spray
  • When using on bare wood dilute the first coat with 25% water.
  • Theoretical coverage 13-15 m2/litre per coat
  • Tintable to over 30,000 RAL and BS colours
  • Most colours available in semi-gloss, satin or matt finishes
  • Available in 2.5, 5, 20 and 100 Litres

Solignum Architectural Water Based Opaque Woodstain

How To Paint A Wooden BarnSolignum Architectural Water based Opaque Wood Stain works to decorate and protect most types of timber in 2 coats. It protects against the damaging effects of sunlight and is micro porous, allowing the wood to breathe so moisture can evaporate.

This exterior wood stain is best used to decorate and protect various different kinds of wood surfaces. The paint works to protect the wood from mould growth and from the harmful effects of UV light.

Features Technical Details
  • Protects against the damaging effects of sun and rain
  • Resists algae, fungi and bacterial growth
  • No primer is required
  • Normally re-coatable within 2 hours
  • The surface will not crack, peel or blister
  • Genuine low maintenance product
  • Supplied ready for use
  • Water Based (Also available in a Solvent Based version)
  • Application by brush or roller
  • Coverage, Sawn Wood: 4 – 8m2/l per coat, Planed Wood: 8 – 12m2/l per coat
  • Available in 14 strong colours
  • Available in 2.5 and 5 Litres

Jotun Demidekk Ultimate Opaque Professional Exterior Wood Stain

Ultimate, as its name suggests, delivers the definitive durable finish without compromising looks or the environment. This is why it is proving a popular choice with architects and specifiers requiring a high performing product.

Jotun Demidekk Ultimate is formulated for durability, this technically superb exterior wood stain boasts a maintenance cycle of 12 years, while ensuring the same integrity and lustre throughout its long life.

Features Technical Details
  • Very good colour stability
  • Long lasting maintenance cycles up to 12 years
  • Recommended for new primed, previously stained or painted exterior woodwork
  • Contains fungicides against surface fungi build up
  • Water Based
  • Ultra low VOC rating
  • Coverage: 10 – 12m2 / Litre  on Planed Wood, 7 – 10m2 / Litre for Sawn Wood
  • Can be tinted up to 10% with Jotun Multicolor colourants
  • Consult our Technical Team with regard to the correct Primers for your project
  • Available in 3 and 10 Litres

Log Cabin Exterior Paint Colours

Ok, so you’ve chosen your paint or wood stain and are now turning your attention to the colour. The exterior of your cabin is the first thing people will see, and of course first impressions count!  Below we have listed some of the most popular colours.

Exterior Wood Stain Colours

Light Oak
Medium Oak
Oregan Pine
Reed Green
Red Maple

Exterior Wood Paint Colours

Country Cream
Forest Green
French Grey
Light Grey
Woodland Green
Fudge Cherry
Savannah Deep Plum Azure Blue Jet Black

Preparation Is Key

Whichever paint or stain you choose, correct application is vital to get the best out of the product and fully protect your cabin. Applying the paint over a dirty or wet substrate can lead to failure within the first year, leading to the process needing to be re-done much sooner than would normally be necessary. Always read the product data sheets to ensure the correct preparation and application guides are followed.

We hope that this article has helped you with choosing the best log cabin paint for your needs. Should you have any further questions please contact us and a member of Promain‘s Technical Team will be happy to help.

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