Teknos Woodex Aqua Classic

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A water-borne, oil-based, non-film-forming transparent wood stain for outdoor use.
Available in 2.7 and 9 Litres
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*These colours are for guidance only. Variations between output devices can misrepresent the appearance of an actual colour. Also, we strongly advise that you order your complete paint requirements simultaneously to ensure a uniform batch colour.
£22.99 (£27.59 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Teknos Woodex Aqua Classic is a water-borne, oil-based, non-film-forming transparent wood stain for outdoor use. Protects wooden surfaces from moisture, soiling & when tinted protects from UV fading.

Best Uses

Teknos Woodex Aqua Classic is ideal for the staining of external wood such as fencing, garden furniture, cladding, pergolas and more. Woodex Aqua Classic is suitable for new wood and wood previously treated with non film-forming wood stain, e.g. walls, doors, window frames, fences and poles.

Teknos Woodex Aqua Classic is recommended especially for log surfaces such as cabins, wooden offices or outhouses.

Please note, this product is not suitable for use on film-forming wood stains, nor in greenhouses, hotbeds or shelters for livestock. It is not recommended to use Woodex Aqua Classic untinted since tinting protects wood from turning grey due to UV radiation of the sun.

  • Suitable for decking
  • Tintable to over thousand colours


Remove all loose matter, dirt and dust with wire-brush, scrubbing brush or scraper. For untreated wood priming with Teknos Woodex Aqua Base is recommended. Allow to dry for one day. Wash dirty and/or mildewed surfaces with Teknos Rensa Facade facade cleaner. Rinse the surfaces thoroughly with water and allow to dry.

Stir Teknos Woodex Aqua Classic thoroughly before use. Reserve a sufficient amount of wood stain in the same vessel for each uniform surface, to avoid colour differences. The wood stain must also be stirred now and then in the course of work. Apply Teknos Woodex Aqua Classic by brush or spray. Coat untreated wood once or twice with Teknos Woodex Aqua Classic depending on the colour intensity and the required result. The wood stain is applied evenly and continuously on the whole length of the beam or timber to avoid making restart points. Treat end grain with special care. Brush application is recommended for the first coat. When spray is used, the surface is finished by smoothing with a brush.

It is not recommended that clear wood stain is used alone. Maintenance painting for wooden surfaces treated with Teknos Woodex Aqua Classic may be made with Teknos's water and solvent-based wood stains as well as with house paints.

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