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Solignum are known for being one of the finest quality paints available for preserving timber. Solignum offer a range of high-performance timber treatments used on listed buildings, barns stables and other timber buildings. With a Royal Warrant, a hundred years of making high quality paints and coatings along with a British Board of Agreement (BBA) Certificate, you can see the popularity of these wood coatings.
Solignum Architectural is a microporous, flexible coating that allowed the timber to breathe. It resists green mould growth as well as protecting the timber from harmful UV rays. Solignum solvent based and Solignum water based penetrate deep into the timber providing unparalleled adhesion, meaning no separate primer is required. Solignum’s unique formulation stops the surface from flaking or cracking.
It helps protect the wood from not only rot and decay but will provide excellent water shedding properties for many years. Solignum offers the professional decorators or DIY customers easy application and minimum maintenance, ensuring that the beauty of the timber is expertly preserved. Solignums low sheen opaque finish in available in 14 standard colours but Promain are able to tint to many BS4800 or RAL Colours. This is why Promain regularly specify and recommend Solignum.

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  1. Solignum Architectural Water Based Opaque Woodstain
    Solignum Architectural Water Based Opaque Woodstain

    Solignum Architectural Water Based Opaque woodstain is a micro porous that protects against the damaging effects of sunlight and rain.

    From £95.72 £79.77
  2. Solignum Architectural Solvent Based Opaque Woodstain
    Solignum Architectural Solvent Based Opaque Woodstain

    A BBA certified low-maintenance, solvent based microporous, flexible opaque, preservative.

    From £90.00 £75.00

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With the addition of mould and mildew protection, as well as offering unsurpassed ultraviolet protection, Solignum's also has the ability to penetrate the wood without the use of a primer. Solignum Architectural soon became the favourite coating of many architects, specifiers, designers and decorators. Solignum is offered as a more eco friendly, water based coating, as well as an alkyd oil based version. Both offer the assurance that they will neither crack or flake whilst offering an extremely high degree of flexibility.

For this reason, Solignum has become a firm favourite within the woodworking industry. This gives users the opportunity to easily apply two to three coats of protection by brush, spray or roller when applying to internal and external joinery. Suitable applications include sawn or planned timber for windows, cladding, fencing gates, sheds, weatherboard or garden furniture. Promain are happy to recommend this excellent coating, but if you have any questions please call the Promain technical department for further assurance. To read our full Solignum paint review listings, view each individual product above.