How To Paint Furniture

Have you found yourself watching one of the many DIY and recycling shows that seem to be all the rage at the moment and wished you could do that? From ‘Money for Nothing’ to ‘Kirstie’s Fill Your House for Free’ there are many shows to inspire you into making a change. Perhaps you are simply changing the colour of your room and the furniture no longer matches. Maybe you want to attempt to recycle a piece of furniture and give it a new lease of life? Why not look at our ‘How to Paint Furniture’ tips below and give it a go?

What Is The Best Paint For Furniture?

This can very much depend on the substrate you are painting. There are some multi surface paints that will do exactly as they say and cover a multitude of different surfaces. On the other hand there are also paints made for specific substrates such as wood or metal. The finish that you are looking to achieve can also have a bearing on your final choice. For example are you looking for a gloss furniture paint or a crackle paint for a shabby chic look? Whilst there are numerous options available, it is worth bearing in mind that for interior furniture you should ideally be looking at a water based paint.

Below we will take a look at just a few examples available from Promain. This guide should hopefully help you to decide on the best paint for the job.

A Good All-Rounder – Bedec Multi Surface Paint

Bedec MSP does exactly as it says on the tin, basically it is a good all rounder. It is a quick drying, water based paint which is ideal for use on a variety of surfaces. These include wood, plastic, ceramic tiles, radiators and even uPVC. There is no need for a primer when MSP is used as a wood/timber coating. You can apply using a brush, roller or an airless sprayer. It comes in a variety of colours and finishes and can also be tinted to most BS and RAL colours.

Ideal for Painting Wood – Rustoleum Fassilux Aqua XPE

Fassilux Aqua XPE is the perfect solution if you are looking at painting wooden furniture. It has a much higher resistance to scratches, and comes in a full range of standard colours. Furthermore Fassilux can be tinted to a wide range of over 30,000 colours! So there is no need to worry if you can’t find the perfect furniture paint colour.

With it’s hard wearing low odour, decorative finishes, Fassilux Aqua XPE is easy to apply and is available in Matt, Gloss, or Satin finishes. Whilst the matt finish is ideally for indoor use, the satin and gloss are suitable for use both internally and externally.

Please be aware that unlike Bedec MSP, you will require a primer with the Fassilux Aqua XPE.

How To Get The Shabby-Chic Look – Rustoleum Chalky Finish Furniture Paint

One of the most popular furniture paint effects at the moment is the ‘Shabby-Chic’ look which you can easily get using Rustoleum Chalky Finish Furniture Paint. This very French look is produced by a distressed look to the paint which is also known as ‘Liming’.

Providing a classic smooth flat matt finish, the Chalky Finish Furniture Paint is available in a range of 16 attractive colours. It is ideal for applying to a range of surfaces such as metal, plastic, stone, brick, plaster as well as old and new timber. A primer may be required for certain surfaces. Our technical department can offer you further advice including which primer is suitable for the surface you are painting, should one be required.

For the really adventurous amongst us, there is a technique that has been adopted by many furniture painters, where two different Chalky Finish Furniture Paint colours are applied. When dry, lightly sanding or even scouring the top layer of paint will expose the colour below offering a very attractive look and breathing new life into tired old furniture.

You can protect the finish with Rustoleum Furniture Finishing Wax, giving you peace of mind to go with your stunning finish.

Perfect For Metal Garden Furniture – Owatrol Deco Multi-Surface Paint

Owatrol Deco MSP is an oil-based multi-surface paint which is suitable for all surfaces and is a rust inhibiting primer all in one. It is a new generation of oil based paint coating that offers a high gloss flexible finish which you can apply directly to rusted surfaces. It gives off no harmful fumes, and so you can apply it in confined internal areas as well as the garden.

Available in 10 decorative colours, this versatile product does not require any priming before use. Owatrol Deco Multi-Surface Paint is ideal for application to metallic surfaces. In addition it also adheres well to many other surfaces. This product is highly suitable for coating timber and plastic surfaces found either internally or externally.

These are just some of the products available which can help you repaint and restyle your existing furniture. We hope that this article has inspired you to recycle rather than throw away. Saving you money whilst also sending less items to landfill.

For more information on any of the furniture paints we supply or for additional technical advice, please call our team who will be happy to help: 01462 421333.

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