How To Paint Over Wallpaper

A task such as painting over older wallpaper is one that can be rather time-consuming; however, it can also be cost-effective at the same time. Before beginning the actual process, it’s important that you first invest in a wallpaper cover-up paint, as this will work better than a basic interior wall paint. Once you do that, make note of the following instructions to continue!

How To Paint Over Wallpaper: Preparing the Surface

Before you begin, ensure that the entire surface that you plan to paint is completely dry, clean, and free of all materials that may interfere with the painting. Additionally, make sure that all wallpaper is adhered well to the surface, and if you spot any mould, use a mould remover to treat the surface immediately, making sure to follow all instructions. Allow the treatment to fully dry before applying any paint.

How To Paint Over Wallpaper: Priming

Apply one coat of your preferred wallpaper cover-up paint to the area in which you’ll be decorating using either an up to 5mm short pile mohair or microfibre roller, as you will achieve the best results using this sort of application. Be sure to apply all paint as evenly as possible. Then, apply another light load of the paint.

Go over the surface again after approximately 15 to 30 minutes have passed. Once this has been done, wait for no less than four hours before painting.


When painting with your favourite interior wall paint, apply only one or two coats. Ensure that you follow all of the listed manufacturer’s instructions. In terms of minimum drying time between coats, this depends on the type of paint that you use. Be sure to follow all instructions listed by the manufacturer.

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