Repaint Your Kitchen Cupboards Easily and Inexpensively

Updating your kitchen doesn’t have to be an overly ambitious and expensive task that takes up your whole weekend. Among the many techniques to polish or add a fresh look and functionality to your kitchen, repainting the cupboards is one of the tactics that can be the easiest and least costly upgrade option, especially if you use Owatrol’s Easy Surface Prep product. Easy Surface Prep (ESP) lets you skip the steps that repainting kitchen cabinets usually involves, such as, sanding off old paint, priming, and waiting for a primer to dry before you add a new coat.

Repaint Your Kitchen Cupboards: How It Works

ESP is a multi-purpose type of primer that adheres to many different subjects (wood, ceramic, even glass), which allows a clean, ready-to-paint surface. By utilising ESP, kitchen cupboards currently painted with an outdated colour or unwanted finish will have no need for sanding or removing old paint. The product works simply by creating a film over any surface that paints, whether oil-based or water-based, can easily adhere to.

ESP Lamp

Repaint Your Kitchen Cupboards: Preparation and Application

ESP will not require a lot of preparation time nor a lot of tools. Typical cleaning supplies found in the average home will suffice when prepping your kitchen cupboards for repainting. Depending on their cleanliness level, either a rag or steel wool pad will need to be utilised to wipe or scrub the surface clean. Removing any dust, grime, or grease from the surface of the kitchen cabinets is an important (and the only!) step before applying ESP. A clean surface will allow the product to coat evenly and effectively. After the cupboards are clean, allow them to set and dry for five to ten minutes.

To apply ESP, wipe the liquid over the surface, getting into any crevices and corners thoroughly, as you would a stain. You can also apply it using a brush rather than a cloth. The decision is yours and makes little difference in the appearance or outcome. Let ESP sit for five minutes, then wipe the cabinets using a clean, dry rag or cloth. After two hours of setting, the surface is completely ready to paint!

Application of ESP

Repainting is a process that should occur within a week after applying ESP. So if you happen to not get around to finishing the project one weekend, you can always pick it up the following. However, Owatrol does recommend reapplying the product if longer than a week does occur before repainting any surfaces.

Painting Kitchen Cupboards

Other Purposes for ESP

This product is great for repainting any piece of furniture, built-in shelves, or rooms in your home. All those little projects you haven’t found the time for or didn’t know hot to tackle have now been made more simple with ESP. Reflect on how you can make your home feel more refreshed this fall. Here are few of these examples for other purposes of ESP:

  • A dated glass lamp you found at an antique store could now match your daughter’s room or your home office perfectly with a fresh coat of colour.
  • Pink bathroom tiles in your guest bathroom may not be your style and embarrass you when you have guests over. But now they could be any colour you choose without an expensive bathroom remodel.
  • Kitchen units you inherited from previous house owners can now be a stylish black or neutral, trendy grey.

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