How to Strip Garden Furniture

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Identifying the touch time

When you want to get the best results with furniture, make sure you are following the right procedure. Before you begin to strip the whole area, you should do a touch test to see the reaction. This applies to every stripper so it doesn’t matter which one you are planning on using. Apply the stripper on a small area and then give it some time to work. You can then begin scrubbing the edge so that you can verify whether the varnish is lifting. If it is not lifting, give it more time, after which, you can try again.

After you have verified that the coating is lifting properly, record the period it has taken. That period will be your touch time. This information is important since it shows you how long the rest of the surface will take. However, the surface has to be coated evenly for the time recorded to be effective. Identifying the touch time is always recommended before you proceed to cover the whole area.

Removing Opaque Finishes And Paint From Garden Furniture

Strip Garden FurnitureWhen removing paint and other stains from garden furniture, you can consider Dilunett. It does a very good job since it’s a gel formulation thus you don’t have to worry about running. The details on the furniture will be left untouched. This gel formulation is capable of removing as many as 8 coats in one application. This means that it will be a simple process that will take little time. The gel does not also dry. In case you are dealing with stubborn stains, you can leave it on the surface for as long as 12 hours. After you have used Dilunett, you should apply Net-Trol to neutralise the wood.

Stripping Wood Oils

When garden furniture has wood oil coatings, you can use Aquanett. Wood oils may include linseed oil or teak oil. Removing wood oils is its main purpose. It is also a gel formula so it won’t run when you apply it on the furniture. You can apply using a brush and afterwards scrub it off using a water source with high pressure. Do not let it last for more than five minutes. Remember to neutralise with Net-Trol.

When you are not sure what you are stripping, use Dilunett and let it last for 12 hours and when it doesn’t work try DSP 800. You will need a scraper after using DSP 800.

Stripping garden furniture is not a difficult task. Whatever it is that you want to remove will be out in no time when you follow these guidelines. Otherwise, contact our technical team for more information.

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