How To Stop Your Roof Box From Fading


Roof boxes are extremely practical and convenient, however they do suffer from one common problem – fading over time. However now, we can offer a solution to this frequently experienced issue. Soon roof box fade will be a thing of the past!

Why Do Roof Boxes Fade?

Usually, a roof box is manufactured using gelcoat, which is a type of pigmented polyester). When the surface of this material is exposed to ultraviolet rays at any time of year, but particularly in the summer months, its shine and colour will start to dull and fade. This is an especially pronounced problem in the case of white or black roof boxes as a roof box that has been designed to match the car itself since the clear acrylic varnish in the car varnish used can stand up to damage from UV rays more effectively. Meanwhile, the manufacturers of gelcoat have had to cut back on how much cobalt and other substances they used in their products due to new EU/EEC legislation which has been introduced in an effort to protect the environment.

Case Study: How to stop roof box fade

Of course the best way to prevent a roof box from fading is to limit its exposure to the sun, however when that is not possible, there are some steps that can be taken to counteract damage caused by UV rays. Owatrol’s Polytrol is the ideal product to restore the shine and colour of roof boxes when used a minimum of once a year. Simply take the following steps:

  • Using soapy warm water, clean the surface of your roof box then leave it to dry for a minimum of 12 hours. (If you would prefer, you could use Owatrol’s Net-Trol instead of soap)
  • Using a cloth or brush, apply a generous amount of Polytrol to the surface. Leave it for between 10 and 20 minutes
  • Wipe any excess away using a lint-free cloth
  • Leave it to dry

Whenever your roof box starts to look like it is fading or dulling, you should repeat the application. This will revive its shine and colour.

How to stop your roof box fading with Polytrol

What Exactly Is Polytrol?

Polytrol is an oil which penetrates the surface of your roof box deeply to restore its original colour. It improves the appearance of tarnished and dull gelcoats, metals, plastics and other surfaces. When it penetrates through the surface, it re-wets the pigments. This restores the shine and colour lost through UV exposure.

As an added bonus it also gives protection against corrosion. When Polytrol dries, it produces a flexible, long lasting and tough finish. It has no film residue so it cannot flake or peel.

How to stop your roof box fading with Polytrol

How to stop your roof box fading with Polytrol

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