How To Apply Tennis Court Paint

Tennis Court Paint

We were recently contacted by a conscientious contractor who required advice on the most suitable product to repaint an extremely meticulous client’s tennis court. The product recommended via the technical department at Promain was the Centrecourt Tennis Court Paint available in a range of popular shades.

The Client

The client, Driveway Doctor, a driveway maintenance company based in Carlton in Lindrick, have a wealth of experience when it comes to driveways, pathways and patios. When it comes to tennis courts, Andrew at Driveway Doctor came to Promain. This was to find the best paint for a tennis court.

Tennis Court PaintThe Tennis Court Paint Package

Prior to painting, Promain’s technical team always recommend the use a good fungicidal wash such as Centrecoat GS36. This removes any green algae and spores that may be present. This ensures that the tennis court paint will correctly adhere to the substrate without contamination.

Our Centrecourt Premium Tennis Court Paint package was provided. This kit is available in a full range of popular tennis court colours. This package contains enough paint to cover the run off in your chosen colour, and enough for the play area in a complimentary colour, and enough white paint for the line marking. This painting system is suitable for porous macadam tennis courts as well as concrete courts. This tennis court paint will help define the play area, and enhance the appearance of the court. It will also impart durability and slip resistance to comply with SAPCA’s Code of Practice for the Painting of Porous Macadam Tennis and Netball Courts.

Driveway Doctor purchased a tennis court package from Promain. We provided him everything he required to repaint the tennis courts providing a long lasting, professional finish. Promain have the option to purchase a full kit including a telescopic paint roller pole, double arm roller frame, paint scuttle and medium pile roller refills. This package can be found on our online shop here.

The Painting Process

Spanning over two days, the preparation was carried out via treating the tennis court and run off area with the Centrecoat GS36 Fungicidal Wash. Depending on how contaminated your own personal tennis court area is, you may require a second application of the GS36 moss and mould remover. The photograph above illustrates the amount of moss and mould that can be irradiated with just one 5 litre bottle of GS36.

Unless you own a sufficiently large airless sprayer, the best method of applying Centrecourt tennis court paint is with the use of a double armed roller frame and medium pile rollers. Please note, you must always decant the paint into a paint scuttle. This is rather than pouring the paint directly onto the court. Pouring the paint directly onto the court will cause areas where the paint is excessively thick. This causes a risk of slippage.

Tennis Court Paint

The overall area of a tennis court including the run off is 625m2. As the average user rollers the paint on, your arm should get a good work out by doing so. If not you aren’t doing it properly!


The client and home owner were both extremely satisfied with the professional finish the Centrecourt Tennis Court Paint provided. This project has opened up a new area of expertise for Driveway Doctor. They are now looking at Promain’s extensive range of cleaners for their day to day jobs.

“The Hard Work Was Worth The Great Results! The Client Is More Than Pleased!”

Andrew Stuart at Driveway Doctor

Once the tennis court has been repainted with this product, it can be expected to cope with regular use for a number of years. Longevity of the coating will vary dependant upon location, use and maintenance. However, certain factors will influence the performance of the coating and may well result in premature wear. Detailed guidance on the factors can be found in SAPCA’s Code of Practice for the Maintenance of Synthetic Sports Surfaces.

Do you require any advice in regards tennis court paint application or requirements? Contact Promain‘s technical team today on 01462 421333 to discuss your needs with our manufacturer trained staff.

Interested to see our range of tennis court products? View our website here.

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