An Important Guide On How To Choose Your Garden Fence Posts

Current storms in the United Kingdom coupled with prevailing weather conditions will leave many structures such as fences damaged. Therefore, many families will be thinking about how to make the necessary repairs. In some cases, they will replace the entire fence especially if the damage is big. This exercise involves money. There are many fencing options. We are going to give you an essential guide towards choosing the right garden fence. But the ultimate decision lies with you. Read on to see how to choose your garden fence posts.

Choosing Fence Posts And Supports

The most important decision to make when you want to support your garden fence is whether you should make use of concrete or wooden posts. Both types have advantages and disadvantages. It is upon you to choose the one you prefer most. Here are the pros and cons of each.

Concrete Fence Posts

They are more costly when compared to wooden fence posts. In addition, installation requires more time. You will have to dig holes and put concrete around the posts once inserted in the holes. The good thing is that they are very strong. They are also durable. They are resistant to rotting unlike wooden fence posts. On the flip-side, if damaged, it is not easy to replace because you will be required to remove the concrete first.

Wooden Fence Posts

They are cheaper when compared to concrete fence posts. On top of that, they are easy to install. It is advisable to use them together with metal met posts. This makes it fast and simple to install. Wooden fence posts installed this way are firm and strong. The spikes also make your garden look beautiful and attractive.The problem with this type of fence posts is that they do not last long. They are subject to damage by water and effect of sunlight. You are advised to treat wood using the best wood preservatives like those found in Owatrol.

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How To Choose Your Garden Fence: Which Is The Best?

From the discussion above, it is quite evident that both types of fence posts have advantages and disadvantages. If you want to minimise on fencing costs, wooden fence posts are the best fit for you. You should however ensure that you protect wood posts with the best wood preservative and restorers. This will prevent damage from termites, water and sun. Durability will therefore be enhanced.

But if you have enough money and you want a fence that is strong and long lasting, concrete fence posts are the best option. They are however a bit difficult to install and repair.

In our subsequent series, we shall be looking at how to install fence posts regardless of the type that you choose. Installation is a very important aspect because it determines the durability and strength of your fence posts.

Parting Shot

In conclusion, you are now conversant with different types of fence posts. You know their strengths and weaknesses. You are advised to choose one that you can afford and which shall give you the results that you desire. Your garden will look awesome. You will love it. Guaranteed.

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