Recoating Metal Profile Roofing


Metal Cladding Profile RoofFollowing an enquiry from Peter Green Builders, the contractors were asked to carry out repairs and painting at Highlands College in Jersey on metal profile roofing.

A 15 year specification was produced based on Rust-Oleum Noxyde. This product was chosen as it is not only economical but also offers dry fall certification. More importantly for this project, the Noxyde system is water based, eco-friendly and low odour making it ideal for application to the college during term time without causing disruption to the pupils and staff.

The system briefly comprises of a clean and degrease with Rust-Oleum ND14 followed by localised repairs to the lap joints and 2 coats of Noxyde to the complete roof. This product is a single pack coating, easily applied by airless sprayer. It provides a rubber like membrane with adhesion increasing with age.

Metal Profile Roofing Noxyde Warranty

Metal Cladding Profile Roof

As this roof was 650m2 it was eligible for the Rust-Oleum 10 or 15 year warranty scheme. Rust-Oleum Noxyde is a tried and tested product. It has been successfully applied to many industrial and commercial buildings over the past 45 years. The scheme is available to roofs and or vertical cladding over 500m2. To qualify a site visit from either Rust-Oleum or a member of the technical team at Promain would be required. This site visit will need to be conducted a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the job commencing. At this time, a written specification will be issued. Further site visits will be necessary during application and a final visit upon competition of the project.

Usually no charge is made for the site visits or the warranty, making this ideal for small to large contractors. Training and guidance on application onto metal profile roofing is also available from Promain.

For further information on Noxyde or many other products please speak to Promain.

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