Selemix Surface Protection for Agricultural, Construction and Earthmoving

Agricultural, Construction and Earthmoving Selemix

Selemix is PPG Industries’ comprehensive industrial coatings system. The system is suitable for all painting or surface protection in the Agricultural, Construction and Earth-moving market places.

A comprehensive range of products are available which are tried and trusted in the industry. They therefore offer a highly robust, durable and fast drying finish. In addition, these paints are tintable to a wide range of colours and gloss levels. This means Selemix ensures consistency and quality consistently.

Selemix System offers a range of fast drying single-pack products, as well as robust and durable two-pack products. PPG Selemix also offer two-pack ‘direct to metal’ solutions to help you save on the process time. Selemix systems are also ISO 12944-6 Certified. This provides the best possible assurance of corrosion protection.

The Selemix Agricultural, Construction and Earth-moving offer includes:

Worldwide, Selemix systems supply to many leading manufacturers and operators in the Agricultural, Construction and Earth-moving markets.


  • Exceptional colour coverage and fast drying
  • ISO 12944 certified product systems
  • 5 year Paint Performance Warranty
  • Matched to international colour standards RAL, British Standard, Pantone, NCS

Benefits For Agricultural, Construction and Earth-moving Industries

  • Increase process efficiency and reduce product consumption of corrosion protection
  • Assurance of paint performance
  • Assurance of colour consistency across the range

To find out more about the products available in the Selemix range, view our manufacturers page here:

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