Cheapest Masonry Paint: Is It Worth It In The Long Run?

Our technical gurus at Promain often receive calls asking for the cheapest masonry paint. The real question is, how can you determine the cheapest masonry paint? For example, we have clients who might spend £5k on putting up scaffolding. In addition, they employ two decorators to paint the outside of their house. In this situation, the cheapest paint would be the one that lasted the longest. The expense of having to erect further scaffolding sooner than expected far outweighs the cost of buying a good quality, long lasting masonry paint to begin with.

Why The Cheapest Masonry Paint Is Not Always Best

Beware of masonry paint deals as these paints might only last a short time. As we have already discussed, the time to remove and prepare may outweigh the financial saving. This is especially true if you are employing somebody.

Let’s Talk About Preparation

If you are willing to cut corners with cheap masonry paint, there is a chance that you may not prepare the surface properly either. As everyone knows, preparation is 80% of the job. If you start with a poor, failing substrate, don’t expect your topcoat to hide a multitude of sins. This is particularly the case with cheap masonry paints, but correct preparation is vital no matter which paint you use.

Where Do You Begin?

If you are new to the world of masonry paint, read our complete beginners guide, which will talk you through preparation to the final finish!

A Whole World of Colours!

Once you have decided to paint the exterior of your property, it is the perfect time to decide if a change of colour would really make you stand out from the crowd. Many people find themselves at the mercy of Google, looking up things like the cheapest white masonry paint. Whilst white does give a clean, crisp look, and may be exactly what you require, a change of colour could really make all the difference. With many products able to be tinted to around 30,000 colours, masonry paint does not have to be boring!

So if you are feeling brave, but maybe need a bit more inspiration regarding masonry paint colors, take a look at these blogs:

Where To Buy Masonry Paint

Promain are the UK’s leading masonry paint suppliers. If you are looking to buy masonry paint online, take a look at our shop. As an approved distributor for many of the leading manufacturers, we are able to provide masonry paint for many of the big brand names, including Rust-Oleum, Bedec, Mapei, Keim, Sika, Glixtone and Zinsser.

Promain are industry leading exterior paint suppliers, we work closely with all manufacturers to make sure we have the latest products, knowledge and information available on trade masonry paints.

Masonry Paint For Sale From Promain

With a wide range of products available, here are just a few of the excellent long lasting masonry paints we can supply:

Bedec Extra Flex Elastomeric Masonry Paint

Bedec Masonry PaintA microporous masonry paint with up to 400% elasticity for use over cracks.

This is an ideal purchase for anyone looking to protect exterior masonry, such as roughcast, pebble-dash, brickwork, cement and concrete rendered surfaces.

Glixtone AC1 High Performance Masonry Paint

Glixtone Masonry PaintAC1 has a 30-year life expectancy and offers an exceptional level of protection from the elements in coastal locations.

It is highly suited for application to harbour buildings, Monocouche Render, seafront housing, hotels, marina walls, car parks and other areas susceptible to carbon pollution.

Keim Royalan

Keim RoyalanRoyalan is a mineral silicate based paint that is able to withstand harsh climatic conditions, such as hot, humid tropical conditions or harsh cold or coastal environments.

Keim Royalan is ideal for coating ceramic and hard substrates such as tiles and brickwork.

Mapei Silexcolor Mineral Silicate Masonry Paint

Mapei SilexcolorA protective masonry paint for cement or lime based renders in interiors and exteriors.

Mapei Silexcolor system is recommended for the painting of porous vertical interior or exterior surfaces where protection against atmospheric agents (such as rain or frost) is required, along with high vapour permeability.

Rust-Oleum Murfill Renovation Paint

Masonry Paint PromainMurfill Renovation Paint is 400% Elastomeric. It bridges gaps up to 2mm, is 100% waterproof, washable and micro-porous. It is best used where the need for protection and resistance is a necessity.

With exceptional covering power, Murfill also has excellent resistance to ageing and contamination. It is suitable for use in both normal and industrial environments

Sika Sikagard® 675W ElastoColor

Sikagard 675W Masonry PaintA one part, water dispersed coating, which is designed for the protection and decoration of fair faced concrete. This wall coating works well to prevent water ingress and remains water vapour permeable, so the surface can breathe.

Apply Sikagard® ElastoColor to masonry walls that have a risk of cracking due to exposure to weathering and other external pollutants.

Zinsser Perma-White Exterior

Zinsser Perma-WhiteFor residential or commercial walls, Perma-White Exterior is guaranteed to remain mould and mildew proof for at least 5 years.

Use on homes, motels, hotels, hospitals, schools, restaurants, basements, cladding and other areas where there is high humidity and moisture content that cause damage to the surrounding walls.


The paint systems mentioned within this page have all been tried and tested to cope with adverse weather conditions. Protecting exterior masonry to produce a decorative finish for the building in question.

If you are still struggling with which masonry paint is best for you, further help is at hand! Our Technical Team have a huge range of knowledge to help customers no matter the issue. Contact us on 01462 421333 or via our contact page.

Finally, follow us on social media for the best masonry paint offers and masonry paint deals. Furthermore, here you will find pictures and information of many completed projects.

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